Online food delivery is growing day by day and, there is a lot of competition for you as entrepreneurs and restaurant owners are running towards the food industry. But, have you wonder why you should own a food delivery app. Then the answer is right here for you.


If you are a restaurant owner without online presence then, you are missing nearby 20% increase in sales. Your online presence not only affects online sales but also increase visitors to your restaurant. It’s time to make a decision yourself.



Your app helps you to connect with people nearby and to direct them towards your restaurant. You can also send a push notification to your users nearby which will increase engagement with your app.


Table Booking

Table booking feature helps you to build trust and loyalty within your customer. It will also help hungry eaters who don’t want to wait for their food. Table booking also helps you to manage the number of guests and their requirement.


Loyalty Program

Loyalty program increases user engagement and builds your brand.   It has a direct impact on your sales and increases your return on investment. More than 80% of user return for benefits in your app like reward points. Many users are willing to purchase again to increase for incentive and benefits.


Online Menu

It is easy to manage your online in your app. You can easily add cuisine and dishes and images of your cuisine. An online menu attracts your customer and provides with mouthwatering experience.


Manage your order

Your orders can easily be managed and fulfilled using the mobile app. It is easy for a customer to give a delivery note using your app which helps them to mention allergies and other health issues. This feature also helps with customization of their food.


Choices In Payment

More 35% of millennials are interested in mobile payments which helps them complete an order.  This feature helps a user to pay via credit or debit card, net banking and cash on delivery. A wallet option also there which helps increase the engagement with the app and make payment simple for the user.


Increase In Sales

The delivery app will help you to increase your reach brings new customer. You can also use social media to promote your app and increase user engagement. More than 50% of user do google search before making a decision. Thus owning an app helps your user to make an informed decision.


Reviews And Rating

Reviews are ideal proof of your quality and customer service which indeed affects your sales and branding. It will also help you to know what customers think about your restaurant. It will also build trust and user engagement with your app.



If you are a restaurant owner or entrepreneur then,  developing an app will benefit in a lot of ways. If you have any questions regarding the food delivery app, you can contact us at [email protected].


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