Due to spyware threat, Google has removed over 500 apps from play store. The decision was made after the report from cybersecurity firm Lookout. Lookout stated that those apps could spread spyware on mobile phones.

Certain softwares used in these apps have the ability to draw the people’s personal data without the knowledge of the device owners. Lookout also added that the app developers  also not aware of the security flaws.

Lookout researchers discovered that the Igexin advertising SDK embedded in the apps caused those apps to communicate with outside servers that the security firm said had previously served malware to people.

Lookout researchers said they once Google notified about the security flaws, they  followed up by removing the apps from the Play Store or replaced with new versions which is free from same cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Many of the removed apps has more than 5 million downloads and they are in the categories of mobile games, weather apps, online radio, photo editing, education, health, fitness and home video camera apps.

Here are some of the apps thrown from google play store with minimum 1 million downloads – Snow queen style, Persian cat care, Dragon care, Halloween cookies, Rabbit care, Vampire style, Nine tailed fox, Sea otter care, Wedding day and some more.

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