The dating industry is a recently thriving industry. According to IBIS World, revenue generated by the dating industry amounted to $3 billion with a 5.3 percent growth between the periods of 2012 and 2017. Especially the godfather of the dating industry is ‘Tinder”. Tinder is an amazing dating app that’s swipe functionality to impress the users. Do you know how much Tinder generated revenue in 2017? Any guesses? OK, let me reveal the profit. Oh! My god, It earned $400 billion. 

However, this revenue factor will increase each year. Because statistically proven that 80% of Tinder users seek a meaningful relationship. Most of the folks are searching for their life partner in dating app. These things spectacle that Tinder is the exemplary ideal model of the dating industry. 

Have to commence this successful business model for your triumph?  Then you will be in need of technical support. Trioangle gives you the best solution in the form of  Tinder clone. Don’t be a hard worker be a smart worker. Developing a product from top to bottom literally takes more time and cost. So to buy a Tinder clone script is the best idea that gives power to your dream into a profitable dating app business within a short span of time and it also reduces the cost. 

Tons and tons of Tinder clone script are procurable but all that glitters isn’t gold like Igniter. An Igniter is the flawless clone of Tinder. The working flow of Igniter exactly performs like Tinder. But you may have doubts. Let me clear it with features and functions that will clarify your doubt whether Igniter is an exact Tinder clone or not? 

Features and Functions of Igniter

User Profile:- User profile is provided with Facebook details, Instagram photos, and user’s bio. 

Note: User has to integrate their Facebook and Instagram accounts with the app.

Location-based matching:- Adjust the distance preference to get match according to the user’s choice. Without this functionality, the app will show some other countries profile pic results in lack of process. So this feature plays a vital role in dating app.

Swipe for Like & Dislike:- Users can see a few photos of someone and read their bio. The decision is depending upon the user’s hand. If a user likes someone photo means then the user can swipe it on the right side. If a user dislikes someone means then the user can swipe it on the left side.

Matchmaking:- An advanced algorithm to match the perfect person is included in our dating clone app, even a user can define the criteria for the match to be made. i.e. distance, age, gender 

Super Like:- User can super like someone by tapping a blue star icon or swiping up on their profile. This will send an immediate notification to them, that they have been super liked by someone and this a wonderful chance to see your profile. It is the most upfront way to get a match. For free account users, they can use only one super like per day. So use it wisely.

Boost:- This is the paid option that pushes your profile at the top for 30 minutes. The user who purchases the boost then he /she will be at the top profile for the next 30 minutes to get more matches. Users can find boost plans by tapping the boost icon which has a glimpse of purple color.

Rewind:- Rewind button is for undoing your swipe. Sometimes the user accidentally went fast so this option helps the users to see the previous profile. 

Location change:- Users can have the ability to change their location but it comes under paid tier.

Turn off Ads:- Users can block annoying pop ads because it interrupts the swiping but it comes under paid categories.

Hide Distance & Age:- Users can hide their age & location from their potential match.

Control Who You See:- This option allows you to change up how profile cards will appear when you are swiping. In two ways you can change 

  1. Balanced – see the most relevant people to you
  2. Recently active – see the most recently active people

Control Who See You:- Use of this option is shown to certain types of people on Tinder. We can optimize in two ways

  1. Standard – Only shown to the certain type of people
  2. Only people I’ve liked – show only for the people I’ve right-swiped.

Admin panel:- An elegant admin panel that manages the user action easily. 

I believe this blog will definitely clarify your doubt whether the Igniter is an exact clone of Tinder and stirs you to choose Igniter for dating business. 

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