Online Food delivery business growing day by day and people regularly order food in the office parties, get to gathers and on other occasions.  More than 60% of millennials order food at least once a month.

Ubereats is one of the fastest growing food delivery platform and its expanding all over the world. The need for online food delivery is increasing with demand and revenue generated from food delivery service.

There are lots of food delivery app in the market though Ubereats stands out because of its unique features and intuitive user experience. Here is the reason why entrepreneurs should choose Ubereats clone script over other food delivery service.

Personalized Experience:

Ever since Ubereats launched in 2014, They have introduced various innovations to its app. They provide tailored recommendations to its user based on their activity and preferences. It also helps the user to find their favorite restaurant by showing them top in a search result.

Ubereats also introduced a feature for the restaurant to add photos of their menu. This feature from Ubereats helps a user to search and view their favorite cuisine.

Ubereats presents an app with a simple design that provides a user-friendly experience to users. It also increases the usability and engagement of the user. A user can filter by speed, delivery time, dietary and prize to find what they want.

Ubereats also provides an option for a user to order in a website who are not using the mobile app.

Schedule Your Order:

Ubereats has introduced the feature to schedule orders so that user can order in advance. A user can schedule a delivery from a minimum of 1 hour to one week in advance.

A recent report from Localytics, 62% of users use an app less than 11 times a month. Scheduling an order helps a user to engage with an app and increase user retention.

Customize Your Drop-Off:

Now you can have your favorite food in your office, park or even in a hospital. Ubereats has introduced customized drop-off to deliver food in a specific location. A user can also help a driver by giving location details and landmarks.

Track Your Order:

Ubereats has options for a user to track the live location of the driver and status of an order.  Ubereats notifies a user with preparation and order pick up. Ubereats also assist a driver with step by step process to guide them to successful delivery.


You can get an offer amount for every successful referral. Ubereats also gives a 50% offer for new users to keep them engaged.


Ubereats has lots of features which makes one of the top food delivery apps. If you want to clone an app like Ubereats you can contact us at [email protected].

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