Nowadays Uber clone has become a buzzword and there are multiple vendors providing technical support all over the world for the entrepreneurs.

So what is Uber clone ?

Uber clone is nothing but the script that is developed from the scratch as a MVP (minimum viable product) with the functionalities and features of Uber. Through this one can commence the online peer to peer ridesharing business in a short span and get down on the marketplace.

Where Can One Buy Best Uber Clone ?

Trioangle is one of the best Uber clone script provider, the script is available for all 3 platforms like web, android and iOS and compatible to solve all the complexity.

For better performing the script is developed in

  • Admin : PHP 7.1, AngularJS, CSS3, HTML%, Laravel 5.4
  • Android : Java
  • iOS : Swift 3.3

Considering security and reliability the features in the script have been encompassed effectively like SOS, real time tracking, sharing location for contacts and many others.

Most importantly the script is developed for the convenience of the admin, rider and the driver perception.

Once you have purchased the script, according to the feature you request we will deliver the script in less than 15 days with better quality.

Does It Suit For Startup’s ?

Of course the script can be effectively used for the start up’s and even after years when you have  mass audience the script never fails to supports you and endure all the complexity for your business.

Does It Affordable ?

When you spend some bugs for sure you will be aware about it’s worth? Don’t worry Trioangle product Gofer comes with the astonishing features at the affordable rate. For the business visionaries convenience we have differentiated the package accordingly as a professional, professional plus and enterprise which suits your pocket to the greater extend.

If you need to know how it works and their explicit details feel free to contact [email protected] or tap on With full technical support we will be there to assist you in the hassle free manner.