Linking up the demand and supply chain is the prime aim of today’s small business. Blooming entrepreneurs take a technology step to link it. It can be through an app, site or any online presence. To compete in the market a frequent updated software plays a crucial role. It is greatly believed & applied  by many tech giants.

A tech software that boosts up your business must meet quality standards, security, reliability,  scalability, fast loading, platform compatibility finally liveliness. A frequently updated software will meet a quality and business standards with other features. This helps to retain loyal customers and welcome new customers.

Business owners prefer such software. In that Makent – The best airbnb clone software  joins the line. Makent from Trioangle is a perfect turnkey to start businesses like Airbnb instantly. Wanna see their release log visit.


Latest Updates In Top Selling Airbnb Clone 2.0

What's New In Our Airbnb Clone Script?

Listing Approval Process  

To improve the security & reliability in the renting process. The software offers option to the business administrator to approve the property listed by the Host. Now the guest can view approved listing and book them without any chaos.

Elaborate Listing 

Host can list their property even more clearly by selecting number of bedrooms, beds and type of beds in the bedroom. This welcomes more guest to book the space with clear details, also host can show real world into virtual medium.

Duplicate The Listing

Host can have one or two properties in the same area, in those case listing those property following same action make irritation. Now, with duplicate listing host can clone their listing, so that they can make minor changes and publish another listing. 

Rearrange Of Photos In Listings 

Not that listed photos in order to be viewed. The Host can drag and rearrange the order photos of the property that they have listed. And afford a liveliness to guest.

Show Map 

The guest filters the listing mass with location. The Makent affords a visual map view, through which the guest can easily. If the map view annoys the guest theu can simply toggle off the map view.

Similar Listing 

The system comforts the guest who are in search for property to rent. How? The Makent shows “similar listings” which are fetched from the location queried.


Hosts can make use of the calendar by blocking the unavailable dates, and also can edit the pricing in the calendar. While editing the calendar Host can add notes (a small description) on chosen dates. 

Hide Footer 

Huge footers on the some websites hides the main content. Understanding it and to afford a user-friendly experience, we have hidden the footer. If needed the user can just tap to view details on footer. Mainly they can play with the script by changing languages and currencies.

Listing Splits 

Similar to Airbnb, airbnb clone app also holds importance to listing and booking of property. To enhance it, we have designed the listing splifts to show the importance of each category to host in listing. 

Average Price Listing 

For the users ease we have se average price listing for a particular country.

Modify Site Design 

Intensified overall site design using Sass. Captivate users with alluring designs. Actual look of the site has be totally enhanced.

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