If we search the most popular dating app in search engines, the result displayed is none other than “Tinder”. You can ask this same question to folks, every one mind pop up with the same answer “Tinder”. The establishment of Tinder attainment is not an easy path. Every successful business has tough competition behind in it. Tinder kick out its competitors and reach the top most place by gravitating the youngest heart.  Are you interested to know about the history and accomplishment pavement of Tinder.

Tinder is the dating app which connect the people who are mutually interest for dating. Tinder was first called “ Matchbox” and only available at college campuses. Tinder was launched in 12 sep 2012 by Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen, Joe Munoz, Whitney Wolf, and Chris Gylczynski. On that day they didn’t think about the Tinder success. 


Tinder company Statistics:-

 1. Headquarters         –   USA

2. Operating system  –   Web, iOS, Android

3.  Area served           –   Global

4. Available in            –    30 languages

5. Employees            –    200+

6. Owner                   –    IAC

7. Website                 –   www.tinder.com


Tinder User Statistics:-    


Tinder with 57 million users:-

Tinder comes late to dating industry, despite it reaches million users in 7 years. It came up with new and simple strategy that attract the most of the millennial in the global. The first and foremost app introduce swiping option that increase more curiosity among the folks who were looking for dating opportunities.

Do you know how this app reaches more number of users in starting stage? The app became more popular with the word of mouth marketing. After that the Tinder app went viral and reaches a few thousand people to over  57 million users. 


Tinder has 10 million active users:-

The features that helps the app to build a base of 10 million active users. The subscription plans with multiple required features are incorporated within the Tinder to find the potential match in no time. Furthermore,  most of the dating user check the app regularly to find new dating opportunities.


Tinder app has over 100 million downloads:-

Tinder gratified users by making potential match and also make more congenial feeling when using the app. When you meet your own exception is satisfaction. Tinder gives the users what they are expected from it? So the user are getting extension. 

However, an increasing number of users , there’s also an increase in the possibility of crime so beware of spammers. This is also one of the reasons increasing in the popularity of app. Tinder has more users even though shoddy things happen while dating. This tight knit between Tinder and users lead to 100 million downloads. 


Tinder has 20 billion matches:-

One of the first steps in the app is getting match. Finding a potential match by swiping right or tapping the star icon for super like. Match obtained when two users mutually likes their pics. After this they can begin to chat and meet each other as per their own wish.

According to new research, online dating has tripled among the millennial’s age 18 to 24 since 2013. Pew also found that online dating has increased 15% during this period. This show Tinder is one of the main reasons for increases process.


Tinder records 26 million daily match:- 

Tinder is integrated like gamification functionality that mesmerize user to stay long in the app. Always people love to accept the fun in any moment in their life. This is a fun way to get the perfect match. With the addictive nature of the app and easy of finding potential dates, user swipe regularly every day. 


30% of Tinder users are married:-

In Tinder, 30 percentage of users are interested to marry their potential match. Really it’s an amazing one because it actually fulfill the users expectation and succeed with their purpose of the business. It is a succor platform for the users who are looking for meaningful relationships.

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