“Zomato” the word gives deep spellbound for all people, because of hearing it off at the second we all tend to imagine the yummy online food delivery services.

When we look back on the past, we people move to the restaurant to have delicious food but it may take a prolonged time.

Zomato had changed the thing nowadays. On the doorstep, we tend to get hot and tasty packed food.

Our Technologies has rapidly changed.

Latterdays, an online food ordering and delivery business become an on-demand economy, which is highly demandable for all individual.

Think it off now, if you do business in the concept of an online food ordering and delivery business, definitely you will have become a lucrative entrepreneur.

I’m not just garnishing to the word. An on-demand food ordering and delivery business had been proved it off.

Let me plated the evidence to you through this blog. Come on let’s start!


About Zomato and it’s chronicle.


One decade ago before Zomato had started by the name of foodie bay then it was changed into Zomato and had been running with a good fame in and around.

Chiefly, Zomato was launched for online food ordering and delivering business.

It offers numerous restaurant search and discovers a native application and website to give in-depth information about the restaurant.

Its got tied up with two partners, they are restaurant and driver.

Pretty good to know about Zomato.

Now its time to acquire the best script alike as Zomato.

Where to get?

I think it will not be a risky task, because nowadays it has become too easy to get a script like Zomato.

Although the only instruction I wish to reveal you are must procure a prominent script with technical support.

Don’t suffer, I’m not just making you feel anxious.

Many entrepreneurs have not too aware of those hazards.

Some of the aspects you needed to have on the Zomato clone script.

Indeed the reason behind Zomato was a unicorn concept to yearn income.


Mandatory Features In Zomato Clone


The features were one of the intuitive things for the business, to satisfy the customer’s relationship to continue for prolonging. Some of the features are listed below for further clarification.

Zomato clone

Features Required For Customers:-


Customers are the strong pillar for any business, in online food ordering and delivery business they’re inextricable.

Login / Registration:-

Sign In/Sign Up through Gmail and phone number. For further customization that also provided by the best company Trioangle.

I discuss this Trionagle later.

Advanced Search Option:-

Next part of the user can search their cuisine after the login/signup. In the user panel, the simple and elegant navigation will assist the users to have the most comfortable choice of the cuisine.

Payment Choices:-

Then, a conformable payment option for the users. They can pick off the payment option as per their desire.

Live Map Tracking:-

After the users place the food orders to the restaurant. Once restauranteur affirmed the orders. Then the users can have live GPS  map tracking of the restaurant and driver.

Rating And Reviews:-

The users can rate and review the about restaurant and driver after the order delivered.

Demo:- http://gofereats.trioangle.com/


Features Required For Restaurant:-


The chief supermum for an online food delivery business can be running only through the restaurant. The features are listed below

Login / Registration:-

The restauranteur should take the first step to register the restaurant. They can register their restaurant through the restaurant panel.


Separate panel to manage the rating and reviews, food quality analytics, sales report, and so on can be managed through it.

Verified Restaurant:-

The next step was the document and all related details must get approved by the business owner.

Order Management:-

The food orders by the customers are listed properly through this option.

Payout Management:-

Can also manage the customer’s payout for the food.

Demo:- http://gofereats.trioangle.com/restaurant


Features Required For Driver:-


The lavishing partner for the business with a dedicated work can be done by the driver-partners. Some of the features are displayed below.

Log-In/ Sign-Up:-

Simple registration with the Gmail Id and phone number. While the registration they should submit all related details of the vehicles and driving relates.

My Trip:-

Can manage the pick-up orders, fare, the payment amount can be checked through it.

Map View:- 

The destination of the food delivery can be tracked throughout the map viewing option.

Earn Management:-

Completed order, accepted order, canceled order can be managed through it.

Rating and Reviews:-

Can manage and place a review and rate the restaurant and customer.

Demo:- http://gofereats.trioangle.com/driver/


Smart Working Flow Of Zomato Clone Script


Zomato clone

Slight overview of the Zomato clone script. The user will place the order the can be monitor by the business owner(The  Admin). With the simple and elegant dashboard, the admin can audit the customer’s activities, restaurant’s activities, driver’s activities through it. 

What are the revenues model in the Zomato clone?


Hyperlocal Advertisement:- 


Restauranteur should pay 40% amount to the business owner for promo placing the restaurant top for the eyeball view of the customers.


Commission Fee:-


The business owner can charge up to 30% of each order from the restauranteur for the restaurant listed on the website.


Delivery Fee:-


Prospectively the business owner can earn up to 10 to 15%  of the order amount as delivery for your users for delivering their orders.


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To build an app like Ubereats is not an easy task and it requires a lot of technical skills and time.


Building an app like UberEats contains a lot of factors and you have to create both web and mobile apps. Developing a brand new app like Zomato costs twice the amount of buying the Zomato Clone script


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