In this fast-moving digital world, everything and everyone is connected to a network. People ran behind time to work and to relax. Having food with family gives us immense pleasure such feel is possible through online food ordering system. The Just Eat best online food ordering system established in the UK and now it has spread widely. It is popular among consumers with its fast responsive interface, convenient and user- interactive system. Same for restaurants, it helps in increasing business growth.

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Unique Search Features:

As I have conveyed that Just Eat is fast responsive food ordering system, the mainly instant streamlined flow of food orders are plus point to stand unique among others. As Just Eat is widespread, it should have a pile of restaurants list to be stored with their details, in spite of such huge data, the system works quick and responds to the query asked. Just Eat comforts users with search options, that are listed as,

Based On Location – Restaurants searched from the particular locality given by consumer, in such a way that required restaurants are displayed from the clustered restaurants. Most important is that Just Eat search restaurants with postcode so that it can show more accurate results.

Based On List -Just Eat offers some search list for quick answers to the queries enquired. The search listing includes the best match, distance, new arrival, A-Z an average rating, get search experience with best Just Eat Clone.

  • Best Match:

The list of restaurants that match best to the consumer’s location, here Just Eat displays the best rated and high star rated restaurants are shown with basic details of restaurant such as name, ratings, cuisine available, distance from your location, also the status of the restaurant.

  • Distance:

Just Eat collects restaurants details around 10 miles from the given location, nearest is shown first and the listing continues with distance increase. Here also Just Eat displays basic details of the restaurant. Just Eat provides a special recognition to the nearby restaurant with a higher rating as “Local Legend”.

  • New:

Are you a person who explore fresh dishes from a newly launched restaurant? Then this option will be perfect for you. Just Eat displays newly launched restaurant also with their either of details such as distance, star rating, number of ratings etc. It also notifies consumer with restaurant status (active/offline), if offline, is there any possibility of pre-order.

  • Average Rating:

This will be helpful for a person who believes in star rating and has delicious foods in them. Just Eat list the restaurants with a high rating and list flow with decreasing of star rating.

  • A-Z:

A-Z is a commonly used term, that collects all available restaurants and displays it in a alphabetical order, here also Just Eat displays all basic details of the restaurant.

Search with Text – Just Eat provides a space for the consumer, who wish to text, by this they can get the direct listing without any taps, finally, they can choose the best one. For example, if you text “Curry”, the system consider it as keyword and list restaurant named “Curry” and restaurant who opt for cuisine “Curry”.

Select through Cuisine – Just Eat can select a restaurant with their favourite cuisine option, through which the list flows with restaurant choose the same cuisine. For example: If you choose “American” as my favourite cuisine and list of the restaurant based on the cuisine are listed out.

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