The reason behind the growth of the online taxi booking is they seem to be reliable and have security features. Yes in traditional way of travelling we used to travel with someone whom we don’t know, in case if there is any conflict we can’t even alert our people to seek help. This all unfortunate happens because of the absence of the technology.

But once after Travis and Garett took an initiative to end this security breaches and started providing spot results within a tap. Then of course you know how does this business got skyrocketed.

So as a business entrepreneur you have to concentrate on these features to the greater extend and make sure to include in the Uber Clone Script.

The Security Features To Be Included In Uber Clone Script

SOS option : The name says save our life, When the rider got stuck with any problems because of the driver or other fellows then he/she can hit the SOS button. This will send an alert option to the help desk and ASAP they will respond faster to save you from the situation.

Monitoring Driver’s Profile : When a driver signing up with your service, you have to completely monitor the driver’s profile and check is there are crime cases behind his history, the driver before booking a ride, one could get the details of reviews rating and complaining regarding them.

Sharing Location : The user can add a set of 3 or 5 contacts as their trusted contacts in the app, and in case of any emergency they could share their real time location with the driver details.

GPS : Even in google map the live route can be seen through the google navigation so in case if you get misrouted, do get verified and just take a primitive actions.

These are some of the common security features that should have been included in the script for the better results. Just check out the Uber clone script demo details and think about the safety features that has been encompassed in the script. If you need any details feel free to contact [email protected] we will be there to help you out.