It’s Ubiquitous, If an Individual have an unused space in their home or room  they can absolutely rent it by being a host at Airbnb. But the Question is does a successful registration make one a better host? Absolutely No! To be the best and better before hosting a property, one needs to owe some basic requirements. When one can master the basic qualities will flare as a smartest host in the room. Some of the Fundamental requirements of Airbnb host is :

Provide Primary Needs

When guest taking up your rental service, as a host at least you need to provide basic amenities to stay comfortably like Soap, Toilet paper, Pillow, Sheet, Towel and some basic amenities. Undoubtedly if you can provide additional facility as well then it’s most welcome. Because when the guest is out from the home country and choosing your location to stay, make them comfort and  deserve to enjoy the vital needs.

Be Reactive

When a Guest request for the space, an immediate response would help the guest to make plans accordingly. Obviously quick response shows you that you are approachable and a heedful person. Airbnb also request to acknowledge the guest’s request within 24 hours.

Be Precise

A host is permitted to cancel the booking. But as said before based on the host response the guest would have made plans. When a host revoke the already made booking, then it would be hassle for the guest. So airbnb suggest  to avoid cancelling on guest frequently. Moreover Airbnb takes cancelling process seriously and impose penalties when the host cancels a confirmed booking.

Work for positive reviews

Guest as well as airbnb evaluate you as a pleasing and welcoming person through the reviews you collect.  Eventually airbnb rate you according to your review from Guest. So try to be better one

Tips – Airbnb analysed and disclosed that, mostly host attains positive reviews through this traits they are

  • Cleanliness
    • No one likes to live in a filthy or messy surrounding. Cleanliness is a epitome to live in hygienically . So when a host have back to back booking make sure you have enough time to clean those muddy areas orelse don’t schedule a back to back booking.  If the host need they can climb a extra amount to clean the area.
  • Hassle Free Check-in
    • After the long travel when they tend to have so much formalities or if it took enormous time to check in then it might create a bad impression on the host. So make plans and schedule the enrolment. Make sure you made all possibilities to contact the host.
  • Friendly & Proactive Communication
    • At times the Guest might be new to the city. Obviously there is a lot of chances to be unaware about the city will be high so help them and communicate well. 
  •  Exact Listing Details
    • To create a better experience for user as well as the guest jot down the accurate details of your listing. Also include all your privacy details , don’t add filter or try to manipulate your home pics. Genuinely display the condition and layout of the home. At the end of the stay the guest is requested to rate all these traits.

Yet eventually you can become an entrepreneur by providing a rental business like airbnb.  You can explore yourself to the world as an entrepreneur through online by using an airbnb clone. Just visit out script