LinkedIn Ads Targeting

LinkedIn targeting is the best way to reach the right people in right place. LinkedIn will help you to reach the most valued customers. You can enlarge your targeting count with the numerous targeting options. LinkedIn differs from other social media by its professional network and with this you can easily pick the right audience from this group.

Targeting options


The only mandatory targeting option is Location. Location can be specified manually or with IP address and once you select the location there is only two targeting group is needed.

2.Company Name

Company name targeting includes the employees worked in the company and this is based on the company page created officially by anyone of the authorized persons from that company.

3.Company Industry

Can target the audience based on which industry they belong to and it will be taken from the company name and on which industry the company is enrolled.

Example : Arts, Agriculture, Service Industry, etc..,

4.Company Size:

Company Size referred to the number of employees working in the company. The company size starts from a single person to 10,000 + employees.

5.Job Title:

Job title targeting is based on the update in LinkedIn profiles. By default the current job title is targeted and also we can change the target as past but not current, past.

6.Job Function:

Based on standardized groupings of the job titles entered by LinkedIn members.

7.Job Seniority:

Job seniority is includes Owner’s, Entry, Manager, Directors, etc… This will give a chance to reach the decision makers directly.

8.Member Schools:

This is a group targeting based on the educational institute like school, college, universities or other learning institution where a member completed a course.

9.Fields of Study:

The major or area of study within a member’s degree and it is standardized from the member-entered degrees.


Universal recognized degrees from all educational institution after the schooling.

11.Member Skills

Skills entered in the Skills & Endorsements section in the profile is taken based on the relevant keywords. For Example: If a member mentioned as Corporate Real Estate as their skill then it will grouped under the category of Corporate Real Estate and will be target.


Several groups are created and members are joined based on their interest or some professional association is created for the gathering of professionals, discover new information, clarify their doubts and ask question in the group.

13.Years of Experience:

Years of experience can be determined with the years of professional experience accumulated in their career. The range can be extended from 1 to 12+ years.

Following are the common targeting available in other social media’s


Determination of whether a member is female or male and this information is gathered from the profile.


Age groups will be determined from 18 years to 55+. Several targeting ages are available to narrow the targeting process.

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