Airbnb is the leading application in travel industry with rental based concept. It’s quite easy to identify hotel in middle of the town for holidays trip, vacation with the family or business trips. Airbnb’s new features are comfortable for both host and guest. The concept of adding new features to make your application more flexible than existing features for both host and guest. The endless features of your product only makes your customers in user friendly manner. Lets we have a glance of unique features for listing in Airbnb to feel better for your customer.

Build Endless Reviews:

          Most of the people will look at the ratings and reviews of their host, these details do matter. If you collect more positive feedback and quality reviews from guest can impact the search performance. If you get negative feedback, don’t get crestfallen. Rather than use your bad reviews, to fix your problems quickly and it will reflect in future guest reviews. Reviews are really helpful to get higher rank.

Trust And Verification:

          To build a trustworthy community, make sure to add your phone number and to get verification and complete your all steps get verified. Also you should connect your profile to social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on, it will identify as the trustworthy person.

Response Time:

          Response time can impact your listing in search, and how you are attentive to respond your request. Normally your response to guests within 24 hours for approved, declining or cancelled or expire the booking. To avoid waiting response, the Instant book option will drop your response time. So to allowing guest to book immediately, you can make your listing more clear in search result.

Quality of Listing Photos:

          The photos of listing should be clear, due to search the list guest are firstly see the photos of our listing. So it should be attractive and related to your listing. People love visual content, it’s the best way to get intention to booking a list. It’s important to insert your photos of both interior and exterior images of your hotel. Adding more pictures is the perspective of your listing. When comes to rental booking sector professional quality photos are must for your listing.

Add Video To HighLight:

          Add video about your space is very attractive way to exposure your listing. You can not only view your place but can share you thoughts and can tell to your guest about the places and interested places near you,etc..

          Guests who are travelled usually search the high-quality, accurate listing to managed by host that will get unforgettable trip experience. To make your listing stand out you should complete each section of your listing. So make sure to give attractive title, video and detailed description of your listing. In detailed description you have to say about the space, guest access details, house rules, how to interact with guest and overview of neighborhood.

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