Getting a ride instantly, booking tickets for movies or for hotels quickly in this online epoch. But are these services authenticated or secured? We can take top players into accounts like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and much more,

  • Uber – Connects a rider and driver for a trip and doesn’t own a vehicle.
  • Airbnb – They don’t own a space but affords a rental service by connecting host & guest.
  • Amazon – World famous ecommerce site, provides services just by interfacing sellers and buyers.

Those are today’s leading firms in this online world buy affording flexible, reliable and secured services. They are easily approachable to the people who are in need.

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Uber Rolling Out New ‘Verify Your Ride’ Safety Feature:

Ride hailing apps like Uber, Ola, lyft, Careem and much more are affording a better service on taxi booking. Also upgrading themselves with exclusive features in the competitive field. Those features must ensure the need, comfortness and security of the users.

In that case, Uber has taken a step ahead on user safety with the “Verify Your Ride” feature. Whether the locality is busy or a late night , picking up a right rider or approaching a right driver is a bit hard.

Yes, you may think that Uber has ensured the ride with vehicle’s make, mode and license plate along with the driver’s name and image. But still the confusion arries on connecting the right ones. So Uber has introduced PIN verification along with various safety features.. The PIN is a 4 digit number used to detect right drivers for the ride. Verifying the ride is optional. If a rider wishes to verify the ride they can use it.

How Does “Verify The Ride” Work?

  • Rider can verify the ride by tapping a button “Verify the ride” displayed on the side panel, while they are on the trip. 
  • Uber will generate a 4 digit unique pin code.
  • When the driver arrives, the rider can verbally provide the PIN to the driver before getting into the vehicle. After the driver enters the correct PIN, the trip can begin.

This helps you verify that the right rider is getting into your car, and it allows both of you to travel with more peace of mind.

Summing Up :

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