Many entrepreneurs and business owners are looking for opportunities to expand their business. Though jumping into on-demand business is easy but, surviving is harder than you imagine.


Many startups make a mistake from the beginning by choosing a wrong clone script to launch their business. If you are in this blog, you are looking for clone script like Uber for your business. 


Basic Features Of Uber Clone Script:


Many companies offer clone script with basic features, premium features and paid addons. It is important that you should know what are the basic features that they offer and how capable it is to run a business.


Uber User App Features:

User Signup:


The user portal is available in both mobile and web platform. The user can easily log in and register to the account. Social media logins are also available to prevent from unnecessary login fails.


Instant Search:


A user can easily for trip and vehicle of his choice and know more about the cost for the trip. Thus, our platform helps you book a super-fast ride.




After booking, the notification plays a key role in trip management. The user is notified of trip acceptance and driver status.


Live Tracking: 


The user can track the live location of cab and they can easily track the destination which they are heading towards in the trip.


Uber Driver App Features:


Document Verification:


The driver can easily upload necessary documents like license, insurance through their app. Thus, admin can easily verify the driver and documents to provide a secure experience.


Online or Offline:


To prevent from trip cancellation, the driver is provided with the option to go online or offline in a tap. A driver can move online or offline at any time of his choice.


Map & Navigation:


Nothing will help a driver more than a map with the navigation. Our Google Map API helps the driver the navigation with the fastest route and updates of the traffic.


Earning Report:


The driver can easily keep track on his trips and earnings with earning report. The earning report gives details like total earning, a number of trips and canceled trips.


Uber Admin App Features:




With our customizable dashboard, the admin can get an outline of the whole process of the business. Furthermore, admin can customize his dashboard the way he wants.


Manage Owe Amount:


The admin can manage to owe amount through manage owe amount tab. Owe amount is Cash paid to the driver in hand for the trip.


Manage Static Page:


The pages with static data like about us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other can be maintained by admin.


What You Can Expect From Uber Clone App?


Trioangle is one of the top web and mobile development companies in the industry. They provide top clone app like Uber Clone to help entrepreneurs and startup run their business. They provide 100% customization, 100% source code, Designing, white-labeling, social media integration, technical support and excellent customer support which you can’t expect from any other companies in the industry. 


Pricing Of Uber Script:


Normally, Building an Uber Clone Script from scratch costs more than 30000 USD. But, the pricing of the Uber Clone app is much lesser than that and ranges from 3000USD which is much cheaper with high-quality results.


I hope this article is useful.