Are you surfing best ideas for your business startup? Don’t go anywhere here is solution for your kick-off. Space rental is an existing business model but recently this model getting in to online media. Do you know one thing?  It has less competitors and this is a fitting time to start a space rental business. Expand your business idea with Space rental script

Let me explain one by one about space rental business,


What Is Space Rental Business?


Space rental business is one of the rental business in that space provider can list their space details for rent. Event organizer can instantly book or request the appropriate space for conducting event/activities. In this admin earns revenue through commission amount.


Workflow Of Space Rental Business:


  • Space provider can list their space by mentioning the specific details about space after getting confirmation from admin the list is displayed. 


  • On the other hand, event organizer can instantly book the appropriate space when the space provider indicate Instant booking. Otherwise request for reservation.


  • Whether the Space provider can approve or reject the booking for their space. 


  • Suppose space provider approve the booking further more process will step into payment.


  • Event organizer transact amount to admin. An admin deduct the commission for the booking and transfer the remaining amount to the Space provider through space provider’s payout preference. 


Features Of Our Space Rental Business


Multiple login and signup:-  Multiple gateways are integrated for seamless signup and login process. Users can experience quick access with a single tap. 


Advanced search:- User can search the list of space for rent without any difficulty. A streamlined list will be drop down according to the search.


Advanced search filters:- This option made to show the accurate search results.


Hour based booking:- This option is for the event organizer, they can book the space on an hours based and can pay only for the rented period. 


Varied booking option:-  There are two types of booking option are available for event organizers.

  • Instant booking -> At time event organizers can book the wanted space immediately.


  • Reservation ->  Reserve the desire space for event. Booking is verified only by the space provider, can approve or decline the request. This action should be taken within 24 hours or else it will expire. 


Detailed listing:- Space provider can portrait their space details effectively which includes image, description, pricing policies, cancellation policies.


Elegant dashboard:- An elegant dashboard is created with new design. Admin can manage the whole working process through a single dashboard. 


Pricing policies:- Like taxi and food delivery business, space provider can give offer for booking their space. 


What We Offer?


We are Trioangle Technology providing a best clone scripts in the market. If you buy space rental script from us. We offer both web and native mobile app. We provider bug free product and support you after app rejection. Lots of offer is waiting for you.  


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