Airbnb clone scripts are suitable to create any type of vacation rental business which is thriving in the marketplace. Airbnb clone has become finest and affordable accommodation booking website. Creating a website for vacation rental has become the business objective for many entrepreneurs.

Airbnb clone script is the best builder to develop space rental script for online booking business. Airbnb clone is the convenience and comfortable for both web and mobile application with versatile online rental business. Start your vacation rental business with essential features like Airbnb.

You can build your vacation rental website with Makent (Airbnb Clone Script).

Features Of Makent Airbnb Clone Script:

There are many airbnb clone script features having in our makent application, you can easily customize with our software what you want. All customers expect some of the features in airbnb clone script.

1. Secure Payment Method: This secure payment payment option can reduce reluctance about sharing the credit card details in online. The online booking and payment method is one of the mandatory feature for all rental business.

2. Online Booking: Guest can book their space with online booking system is easy and secure to book whenever they need.

3. Message Notification: This notification feature is easily communicate between users and customers. It’s very comfortable to request and get response instantaneously.

4. SEO Friendly: To develope your application with SEO friendly, it will increase your ranking in search engine. To enhance the visibility and improve customer accessibility to the website.

5. Customization: You can easily customize our Makent (Airbnb Clone Script) as per the requirements. We provide 100% source code to create any rental website for your business. Makent software is most convenient and helps you to create any vacation rental business instantly.

To Build A Vacation Rental Business – Take A Look Of Makent

Airbnb clone script is an accommodation booking script that allows to rent your space and can book a hotel for trips. Makent is the best and beneficial airbnb clone script for your rental business. Makent can be customized with different rental business like renting office space, event management system, boats & yacht and more.

Makent has latest features of airbnb, therefore users can easily use our software. As admin, you can be controlling every activity in your site like verification, approve booking, manage property and so on.

If you are looking for to start your rental business like airbnb, Makent is the best software to develop your rental business in the marketplace. To know more, visit us