Taxi business is one of the most revenue-based businesses in the market. Though there is a huge revenue & demand in the market, it has more opportunities for newcomers. That is the reason why most of the people are looking for taxi clone apps.

But most of the entrepreneurs failed to know that the demand is always followed by the competition. To survive the competition, you must have the best taxi booking app for your business. The cab dispatch app also acts as an additional source with your offline taxi service. Here are some key points that help you to buy a genuine taxi dispatch app.

Key Points To Note Before Buying Taxi Booking App:

Choose Your Package:

It is wise to choose your package based on your requirements. Many companies offer packages like basic, gold, diamond and platinum-based on what they offer with the package. For example, if you are running your business in Europe or the USA then, most people use iOS mobile. So, you might not look for the Android app and you have to choose your package that offers website & iOS app. 

Trending Features:

If you are about to buy a taxi clone then, go ahead & check their taxi app updates in the play store & Apple store. A continuously updated app has all the latest features & it also symbolizes that the company is working on the product.

Cost Efficient:

Taxi clones are more efficient & cheaper than building an app from scratch. You can buy a taxi clone for a much cheaper price in the market. 


Many companies offer you taxi clones within a week. As you get the product in quick succession, you launch your app in the market as soon as possible. It also frees up your time as you can concentrate on other things.

Free Addons:

The addons are additional features of the product which you might want to increase efficiency. Most of the companies offer paid add-ons, at the same time some companies give it for free. You have to find the right one for you.

Hire Professional Testers:

The demo experience is important to know the functionality & feature of the mobile app & websites. You can use testers to find out the quality of the website & mobile app.  Thus, you can make an informed decision before buying the clone script.

Price Of Taxi Booking App:

Most business people have confusion about the price of a taxi booking app. The product price may vary based on the market as the cost of technicians varies in the US & European market. It is estimated an average of 3500$ for a taxi booking app & a similar price for the Uber clone script as well. 

I recommend you to ask for a quote from at least 5 companies. Most of the experts suggest experiencing the demo of the portal. It is also important to know the other charges like customization charge, design charge & digital marketing fees.

I hope this article will help you a lot.