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Fundamentally, eCommerce platforms are divided into two broad categories SaaS-based and Open Source platforms. SaaS-based platforms provide a license of use for the respective software rather than ownership e.g. Shopify, Bigcommerce.

Where Open Source platforms provide the source code publicly available for viewing and downloading at no charge e.g. Magento, Woocommerce etc.

The eCommerce software has made the world a much smaller place, by the Internet. It is convenient, fast, and easy. The number of people turning to e-Shopping is only going to rise as time goes by.

Triangle Technology dispenses the behemoth scripts for an entrepreneur, in all domains like eCommerce, classified, dating, property rental, and so on with the latest technologies. So make your business online, choose a good eCommerce script and set up a clutter-free and easy to use eCommerce website, and see your sales and profits rise.

Successful tokens for eCommerce business are below

Social Media Login/Registration: The user’s can just Login/SignUp with Facebook and Google. It also supports email login with phone number verification.

Super and Advanced Search: Users can avoid the hassle of scrolling through the product. For that, the quick search option is available on the application to have a sophisticated search.

Social Activity: All activities connected with a user can be viewed and look over it in one place.

Add Favorites: The user can set-up their favorites one available on the website for future use.

Browse Stores: The user can discover stores available on the app and check out the inventory from each store.

Notifications: The merchant gets notifications, whenever the user sent comments, likes the products and following the merchant webstore.

Payments: The application supports seamless payment experience via integrations with payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal etc.

Followers(user)/Following: User can keep tracks their favorite products or stores on the apps. Whenever the latest & trending products details will be notified in the activity option.

Profile: Each user has their own profile that shows liked products, favorite products, and favorited stores all in one place.

Social Media Sharing: The buyers can share their favorite product with others through the social media account.

Admin User-Friendly Dashboard: A simplistic and interactive dashboard helps to view the overall performance of the system and check over the activity of both the merchant and the user An overview of the business can be monitored and accessed easily through a single panel.

Multi-Vendor script: Merchants can promote their products or more exclusive collections of stuff to show up on their website section to the customer application.

Technologies Used:

For Admin Panel : Angular Js, PHP 7.1, Laravel 5.4, HTML5, CSS3

For Android: Java

For iOS: Swift 3.3

Additional features: Chat, Free service installation, Free app submission, 24/7 support, 100%source code, Free technical support, Free white labeling etc…

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