Trioangle offers the best Mercari clone script to start an online classified business like Mercari. Nowadays online classifieds are a trending business to make more revenues. The entrepreneurs, who wish to start their career in the clone scripts can choose the online classifieds to make a successful and profitable business. Entrepreneurs starting a classified business should need support for the mercari clone. Here, We are from Trioangle Technologies.




Trioangle is the best mobile and web development company. Trioangle is the gathering of young, enthusiastic and hard-working techies with the only aim to deliver quality products. It’s all started with passion and it made us stand unique in the business. We will craft a better future to make a client’s business. Our Company provides the best online classifieds like a mercari clone named as a PassUp.




PassUp is a mercari clone, it has all the core features of mercari. PassUp works based on the geolocation and has more features in an admin panel. Our company has developed this PassUp with advanced and latest technologies. This script is available in both mobile and web applications. Let us see more about PassUp – Mercari clone.


Workflow Of PassUp:


The Buyer and Seller will login to the Pass up, the seller will list the products to sell, and the seller can list many products at a time. The buyer will search for an interesting product to buy. When a buyer finds his/her interested products, the buyer can start an instant chat with the product seller to ask for more details about the product and how to buy that product. After the confirmation of the product, the payment option will be done through the mutual conversation outside the site or the payment belongs to users’ choices outside the site.




Buyer will log in and search for his interesting products, for searching a product the user can filter their searches to find products easily through location, amount, price and much more. The buyer can save the products in the wishlist for their future references. The Buyer can make an instant chat with a seller to get more information about the product.




Seller will log in and list his selling products with full detailed information about the product. The seller can add his product in the featured list with paid options and advertise the products. By doing this, sellers’ products will show on top of the websites.




Admin will have a separate dazzling dashboard to monitor all the functions in the web applications. Admin can manage the payment gateway options, in case of any issues, admin should take care of all the issues, admin has a right to block the users for any inappropriate sources. To know more features for admin taps us


Our Offers:


We are providing a Mercari Clone script – PassUp in both web and mobile applications, for admin, we have a dazzling dashboard to monitor all the functions in web applications. Javascript, Apollo server, MongoDB, React JS, HTML, CSS3, Java, XML, Node Js are the advanced and latest technologies used in this clone script. Once you complete a payment process, we will give full technical support, free installation, and customization. We will solve any issues or any bugs in this script.  


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