Seamless is one of the top food ordering scripts in the USA for some time. After merging with GrubHub, many thought that Seamless will gradually deteriorate in the US market. Instead, Seamless is still maintaining its status as one of the top 5 food deliveries in the USA.

Seamless is mainly based in New York and partnered with lots of restaurant chains in the USA. They are well known for their fast delivery and a wide variety of menu to order.

Food delivery service is the trending business in the market and starting a food delivery with Seamless clone script will present you with a win-win situation. Here are some features of Seamless which will be available in Seamless clone.


Features Of Seamless:


Easy Login:

The users can easily sign up with Seamless by providing required details and login with ease. The social login option also provided to prevent failed logins.  

Intuitive Design:

The seamless app is crafted with intuitive design and responsive user experience. The appealing light background will be helpful for the user to guide their way to order their food.

Pre-order & Reorder:

With the Seamless app, the user can schedule their order from 2hrs to 4 days after the booking time. They also can reorder their favorite dish in a tap.

Push Notification:

The user is notified with live updates and status of their order with the help of push notification. Seamless also provides the user with receipt of their order in an e-mail or other chosen medium of connection.

Self Pickups:

Seamless has given its customers an option to order and pick up by themselves. Thus, the user can order and pick up on the go.

Seamless Gift Card:

Seamless is providing gift cards which one can use to order online without any payment. You can buy gift cards from Seamless and present it to your neighbors and your friends. Seamless gift cards are available in both digital and physical cards.

Rating & Review:

The rating and review option will help the user to order from the trusted restaurants. It will also provide insight into the performance of the restaurant.


Why Seamless Clone?


An app like Seamless will not only provides good user experience but also helps users to order food in the platform. With the trending features of Seamless, the user can easily manage their app and be engaged with the portal.

The seamless clone will help entrepreneurs and food delivery startups to start a successful business. With its trending features, you can run a food ordering business with ease. You can also make use of Seamless clone as a restaurant tool to improve the restaurant business. Seamless Clone can help restaurant business by providing solutions for needs like restaurant POS, restaurant ordering system and restaurant management software.

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