Lyft is a taxi booking app with many hassle free features. Now they came with the idea for there riders to schedule their daily routines and appointments with “Shuttle” option.

Shuttle allows the riders to enjoy their rides in low fare with convenient routes.  This makes the riders to feel comfort by scheduling their rides in prior to avoid worrying of when and how to reach the destination.

Steps To Schedule The Ride:

Uber Clone Script

1.Change ride type as “Line”.

2.Enter pickup and drop location then toggle to “Shuttle”

3.Set the time for your departure, whether it’s 3 minutes away or a week.

4.Riders will receive a reminder with instruction on where to go before eight minutes away from the ride.

Currently this feature is available only in Chicago and San Francisco during weekday commute hours: 6:30-10:30 AM and 4-8 PM. You can schedule a Shuttle when you’re ready to go, or up to seven days in advance.

To get this feature in your app, just try the  our Uber Clone app with these feature.