Airbnb Clone Features

Airbnb has its own way of thinking it’s new features to comfort its users of both host and guest. Although it is not easy to satisfy all the expectation of users in the first attempt, but the goal can be achieved after updating the existing features or adding new features. Even it has the structured workflow to connect both guest and host but in this world of user friendly features, there is a need of continuous changes in the features.

Let we have a quick look of the latest updated features of Airbnb that helps the users to feel better.

  • Airbnb Neighbourhood

This is the latest feature added in Airbnb with the neighborhood places of the top booking cities. The concept of this feature is to list the details of the popular neighborhood places which helps the guest to visit new places. Airbnb has its own team “Neighborhood experts” and they will collect the detail of the places by undergoing conversation with 100+  local and has 40,000 photography of the places.

  • Reservation Among Multiple People:

Airbnb is testing its feature that would allow reservations to be split among multiple people. So that it will help you to share the expensive reservation with many credit card and yours will be debited less amount. This sharing option will be available with 16 heads and as of now it is tested with few listing.

  • Split Payment Option

This is one of the most requested feature in Airbnb, this allows the customer to pay a portion of reservation amount up front and the remaining amount will be paid later. This feature is also available with some of the listing now and the company is planed to extend this service to many listing in this year.

  • Standardizing The Check-In Process

Check in process in Airbnb is some time become mess, because of finding the guest place is much complicated. In order to avoid this, Airbnb is decided to streamline the process with new process in the apps like opt-in, step-by-step guide in which hosts can create using photos and text instructions to guide them to their place. This feature is updated to help both host and guest.

  • Review Option For Incomplete Stay

Now it’s possible for the guest to leave the review before completing the entire trip without customer service support. In case, if the guest want to move from the place earlier before the closure of the trip due to unsafe or uncomfortable then they can leave their review to heads up other about the place.

These are the latest  features of Airbnb, to continue enjoy these features in your business. Visit Us