In a company, traveling was the important trait to be considered. But at times it will be hassle for the workers to travel on the public transport especially to attend a meeting in time or when you want to close the deals for the day. So Ola planned to provide better transport zone for the workers as Ola corporate.

Reasons To Use Ola Corporate

Premium Quality Ride Experience –  If the ride is booked in a Ola corporate then the driver who has high ratings will be sent to pick you. Because there will be cases, that if you want to pick your client for the important meeting Ola corporate will do that on behalf of you. So well experienced and professional drivers will be sent.

No Cancelation fee – On regular rides if you cancel the ride after the bottleneck time then you will be charged for the cancellation. When it comes to office you cannot predict the postponement of the meeting.So when you book rides under Ola Corporate you won’t be charged for the cancellation.

Transparency – When workers submit the travel expenses in paper, there might be a chance to lose the invoices receipt. Also it’s tough to maintain for a long period. But Ola provides you the e-invoices, which helps to audit the insights from the portal when ever required.

Safe and Secure – Ola works considering the safety of the community. So its reliable and safe to take a ride in the Ola cab for official reasons.

Corporate Advantage – When you pick the ride from ola corporate you can enjoy all the beneficiaries that our partner offers and also can choose any types of cab according to your convenience.

Reduce Unwanted Trips – When you can monitor the trips the company can truncate the unwanted trips and save money as well as time.

Right now you have handful of reasons to use Ola corporate for business. So make use of it to enjoy the benefits of the Ola corporate.

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