Taxi booking apps are the most demand and profitable business in the market. Uber has its place as the top taxi dispatching software in the industry. They have proved their dominance in the cab business for the past decade.


Though there are a lot of big giants in the market, still a lot of room for newcomers to gain a share in the potential revenue. Thus, many startups and entrepreneurs want to start a taxi booking business.


These companies are left with two options to start their venture. Either with building a taxi booking app from scratch or buying an uber clone script for their business. You can also opt for a subscription plan where you pay a monthly charge for using the app. But, the subscription plan is not good for the long run as you end up spending a lot.


But many begin their venture with clone scripts which is different & cheap than Customized app development. Here are the pros and cons of Uber Clone Script.

Pros Of Uber Clone App:

Cost Efficient:


Buying the Uber clone is affordable for any business owner to go with. It is more than twice lower than the cost of building an app like uber from scratch. 



There is no trouble in the functionality of Uber Clone Script as it is tested with thousands of people in the market. As there are a lot of use cases available, the Uber Clone is most reliable for any entrepreneurs.



Developing a taxi booking app from scratch takes a minimum of 3 months. On the other hand, Uber Clone Script is ready and functional for your business within a week. As time is the key factor in the competitive market, Uber clone is best to go with.

Easy To Maintain:


As you purchase the clone script from a company, you are provided with all technical support from a company. You can further extend your support period if needed. Thus, it makes a business owner to easily maintain their portal.

Cons Of Uber Clone Script:



Many taxi owners have concerns that they have no control over the quality of the Uber Like App. It is purely based on the reputation and quality of the company that you opt-in.

Limited Control:


The Entrepreneur has little option for the customization of their software. They have to spend more to customize new features to the app or website.

How To Find The Best Uber Clone For Your Business?


Finding the best Uber Clone App is a difficult task for any small company or taxi owners. Before buying the software, startups have to look at key factors like,

  • Support Period.
  • Customization Option.
  • Data Backup.
  • 100% Source Code.
  • Maintenance Cost.
  • Free Addons

It is important to notice the reputation of the company and their service. I recommend you to go through Uber Clone Demo, before a purchase. You can also hire a tester to check the functionality & quality of Uber Clone. 

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