Passionate to start a classified business on your own without coding knowledge ?

It’s possible and practical!

Let me jot down step by step process to start a business and how to manage them effectively and scalably in technical aspects.

As a business person your investment should yield positive impacts as revenue or retort a solution for your upshot. 

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Because when it comes to business, the prompt and timely solutions are appreciable to get into the market and this Letgo Clone script, MVP Product is apt for that.

One of the simplest business model is online classified business for generating revenue. Apart from the business niche, plan and others, technical requirement is also to be highly discussed, because the core of the business lies in technical platforms.  

In the MVP product you will receive a package of Web app, mobile app, including a separate admin panel for the maintenance. 

Benefits of undergoing Letgo Clone:

  • Open source
  • Easy to use
  • Extensibility
  • Customization of features
  • Trusted by a large number of entrepreneurs and developers
  • SEO friendly
  • Comes at all affordable and pocket-friendly prices

Moreover, when you develop a website from scratch, you have to undergo so much of the  research work and time. The Best Letgo Clone script truncates all your sufferings and help you to get into the market in the very short span, that is less than 6 to 7 business days. 

What’s Your Role ?

Choose The Appearance Of The Site : This line suits in every era. “First Impression is the Best One” So grabbing an eye ball of the visitors has a significant impact on your business. So choose the appealing template for the website. 

Master Admin Panel : From the admin panel itself you can handle the entire setup. Like who is posting ads on your site, Which ads has to be boosted, and also other features features like Manage Admin, users, Products, categories, site setting, reviews, blocked users, reported users and others. So try to be effective in using the admin panel.

So in one stop you can handle every requirement. Even the app submission, server installation and other server requirements is aided from us. 

What’s Next ?

Personalise the brand : Without the traces of the developers, do white label solutions. So that you can promote your brand and create your saga of business. 

Plan What are the revenue generating options to be included. 

Actually the Letgo doesn’t earn any money, but you can include options like

Boosting The Ads : Just by boosting an ad to increase the views of the ad 

Banner Ads : In the banner page can promote the ads.

Subscription Plans : Monthly subscription to the users to have additional benefits can be included.

Likewise other options can be included to make a better revenue. 

When technical part is quality driven then of course with the good marketing strategy the business can get explored furtherly. 

All the best for your business. 

In need of any queries feel free to contact [email protected] or tap on for big picture.