Many energetic minds wish to start a  new business and revolve around the world as a successful entrepreneur. In this connected golden age, starting a business is quick process compared to the traditional method. Also with better business strategies you can cope up in it and be successful.

Inspiring Business Model :

The concept of peer-to-peer sharing has been hyped up in the market. This is due to the success attained by Airbnb. Airbnb the vacation rental business, initiated by two young minds. They have used the simple concept of sharing and monetized its technology. They have reached their audience with a responsive app and software as it connects property owners and property renters.  They have provided a grateful experience without pinching money from pocket.

It’s business model and strategies are the reason to promote tremendous reach. Its business model has been inspiring many and kindles young minds to commence their own business with this sharing concept.

Let me list out some,

Airbnb For Cars:Turo”, a peer to peer car sharing company founded in  2009, headed at San Francisco. Right now they provide service at United States, Canada, UK, and Germany. The company allows private car owners to register in their online interface and let other users rent the car for a particular period of time.

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Airbnb For Pools:Swimply” is an online marketplace for pool sharing that connects owners of private pools and people looking to get their hands on one. Swimply allows non-pool owners affordable access to an otherwise inaccessible luxury while allowing pool owners to make an effortless substantial income from their underutilized pool. Try out our boat rental script and customize your software based on your business ideas.

Airbnb For Farmland: A newbie to join the rental community. “”, the best way to rental and manage farmland. It helps determine the fair market rent for your farmland, and give farmers an opportunity to expand their operations and build their farming reputation.  They improve farm management with digital leases, automated payments, and data collection

Airbnb For Workspace: Get rental space for office work, Airbnb itself provide space for firms while they are in travel for a short period of time. Wishing to start a business like them, then get out property rental app.

Airbnb For Camping: Enjoy the experience without owning a space is possible with the business model of Airbnb. It allows the host to share rooms that are in use.

“Hipcamp” is an online marketplace that helps people discover and book unique camping experiences.

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