In an arguable economy where the markets are not stable, one of the most valuable asset you can possess is space which is in and around business area. It is one of the beneficial business for both space seekers and providers. We will continue our discussion with the following question

Why Should I rent my space?

Many of them won’t think that whether they are using all the spaces and it’s the correct time to ask question among yourself is that whether you are using all the spaces or not, But most of the time the answer would be not using the full space. One of the research suggested that the full office completely utilized only for  45% of  time.

In this unstable economy you shouldn’t stick onto a single earning and should go for other spare source for income. Renting office will surely help you to earn more and overcome the financial crisis. Airbnb clone helps you to do the business in the following ways

List your free space and the renters will contact you if they are satisfied with your service and the booking is completed with online secure payment method.

Benefits for Startups & Freelancer in Sharing their office:

While working from home it is very critical to focus on work to get success and it’s because of the disturbance in and outside the resident. For those reasons, many Startups and freelancers prefer to work in an office. But renting or leasing for a building is a big financial challenge.

Instead of that, it is very much comfort for paying the space of what they used along with the extra features like internet, AC, water supply, etc,.. It will also helps the freelancer to work with the team in an office environment. You can the choose the place of where you want to work with all the facilities and pay for the number of working hours/days rather than paying for month.

Once the space seekers find the space with all the features to work then renters will contact the space provider through airbnb clone and once if both are satisfied with the price then the booking is completed with the online payment method.It will be a better experience for both the space provider and seeker to work different job in a single place. To start your business with this concept. Feel free to contact Us