Let we start with the real time stats of mobile applications. There are 3.5 billion global mobile Internet users in August 2017. Over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day.

         Over 2.79 billion users are active in social media and 2.55 billion are using their mobile apps. 90 percent of the time spent on mobile devices is spent in apps. I think these real factors value to my future explanation and following are the list of benefits by using mobile apps for online rental business which helps to increase your business and generate more revenue.

  • Helps To Reach Your Exact Targeting Audience

          Conversion possibilities are higher with mobile app users, 82 percent of people use their smartphones to research purchases they are about to make in a store. Engagement of apps are four times better than web. With better mobile application with quality images, it is easy to do successful online rental business in mobile.

  • Calm Yourself & Your Customers With Secure Payment Gateways:

          Online booking system is easy and secure for customers to book whenever they want. The secure payment option can reduce hesitation about sharing credit card and payment information in online.

          Online process allows to do everything their own, so there is no need to have follow up, because everything is automated. Once payment will be done automatically we can receive the confirmation message or email. So you can launch your rental business by keeping these facts in your mind.

  • Prompt Notification:

          Instant notification is the real-time process and give new way to re-engage to the customer who are already using your website or mobile apps. This method no need to wait for the user to check emails, it’s delivered in your inbox messages. The push notification is no need to manage a separate mobile apps.

          Customers can easily get notification for any action done by users as well as you can reply in that conversation itself. This is great way to engage with the customers. The notification is very effective method for all online rental business.

  • Social Media Sharing

           Social Media allows you to build awareness to reach your customer through friendly way like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This kind of approach will help to increase customer engagement, sales repetition and monetization.

          To promote the products and brands which keeps your business in the minds of your customers. It is vast area which has more scope to connect with the people and will helps to lead your business. Social Media is great way to promote your business.

  • Mobile App Helps To Utilize Your Customers Spare Time:

          Most of the people spends over two to three hours on the mobile phone daily. In the world there are more than a billion smart phones. The fact that more persons are using mobile phones rather than PC’s, so that mobile application is great for business.

         To create your own successful mobile app, we have a airbnb clone script called Makent. It can be customized to suit your need.To start your online rental business with mobile apps visit us: