The most prominent company for rental business is Airbnb. They provide short term lodging from the available spaces in their living area. Airbnb is purely not an kind of real estate but acts as a intermediate for the service provider and who acquired the service. Based on this module a clone script of Airbnb has been customised into any other rental business. The important point to be noted is buying an airbnb clone and customising that script for the car rentals consumes large volume of money. So opting for the script which is already customised according to the car rental is pretty cost effective.

Makent Cars – Best Airbnb Clone Script For Cars From Trioangle

To attain the entrepreneurship in rental platform, many tries to give hit on online interface in the Airbnb concept. Yet it is profitable and worth doing compared to others.

So to kick start the car rental business, the best solution is Makent cars. It is a clone script of Airbnb that is perfectly customised to do car rental business. Through this Airbnb clone for car script,  you can create a platform like Airbnb and let users to book cars for the rental service. This script is developed in a user friendly framework and helps you to start the business without any customisation. That Makent cars provides a one stop immediate solution to start car rental business.

Why Makent Cars From Trioangle

Instant Start – As the script is completely customised for car rentals, there is no requirement for customisation. If required the theme of the website can be changed from the front end to make the website more appealing in appearance.

Secure  – As safe and security is the important trait for online business, we ensure that our script is reliable for online payment and to provide other user details. Also can manage the details of the users easily.

Responsive –  Our script is accessible from any devices and pretty responsive which is capable to attract mass volume of the user.

User Friendly Dashboard For Admin – From the dashboard the admin can manage all the details and monitor the business easily.

Also it has remarkable feature like multiple language access, instant booking, iCalendar, multiple currency support, easy report management, Monitoring history, etc.

Some of the spellbind other feature to be noted is

Hourly Payment – It allows the car owners to charge payment in a hourly basis. So the user can enjoy the ownership of the car without any time bound.

Pickup / Drop access – If the user is with in a particular radius distance the car owner can deliver the car to the exact location of the user or can allot a common place to pick the car.

Manage Disputes – In case of any disputes or damages in the car, the considerable amount of  security pay can be claimed from the user with the knowledge of the admin

How Makent Cars Work ?

Makent cars – Airbnb For Car Rentals works by clustering three kinds of people that is admin, user and the car owners. As similar like airbnb, the user and the owner of the cars can use the same account to access the service. Admin has the user friendly dashboard to monitor the business.

If a person had a desire to earn money by renting their own car, they can just register on makent cars by providing valid documentation of the car and add details about from where the car for rental can be accessed, the price tag and other details about the car.

The user can surf the available car listing and book the car according to the need.  After booking, the car owner will deliver the car in a particular area and the user can hail the car from that location. After a mutual meeting the user can enjoy the ownership of the car for a particular time. The admin earns a commission charge for the service in percentage to be an intermediate.

Transportation is evergreen requirement for people, their needs will never truncate. So Using Makent for Cars, one can commence the business easily. Also you can launch this business with one time investment and concentrate only on how to improvise and grow the business. This script also helps to provide round clock service support and manage all the disputes like reimbursement for fuel or any other.

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