Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen !

Many people have been planning, planning, planning and planning about being an entrepreneur, but have they worked for it ? Tough question to answer right ?

Actually business is not an easy task, of course many say you won’t be having 8 hours of mandatory work, yourself is the boss and can earn accordingly and other benefits. 

But this also includes in business. It checks your endurance, decision making quality and much more. Even at a single point if you failed to take a right decision or took a required decision a bit later than you are just finished off. It may take more time to revert back to your previous position. 

This is actually the business with the balance of benefits and efforts. You can’t gauge the success of your business after reaching a particular point. The steps will be extended and you have to further work to reach that point. 

Okay for now let us discuss a common business concept and their technical requirements in brief. According to me the rental and transportation network has a higher impact. Because their needs never gets diminished. Here let’s consider rental business.  

What Is Rental Business ?

Rental business is nothing but when people need a property or an attributes for sometime then instead of owning it can look for the rentals and pay the amount for that leasing time. To do this kind of business there are two types. 

As an Owner – If you have a house/hotel or some space and when it is unused you can rent that place for the people. 

But in this business you can only spread your wings for particular limit and there will be no gradual increase in your business. 

As a Representative : Here you can or not own anything and your main investment is the information and access to the information. 

To keep it simple, you need to develop a wide and strong brand presence of your company. People who are providing the property for rental will attract by your brand and submit their rental information with you and  with this you can connect the consumers and host and provide better service. 

You would have understood the difference between this and you can enjoy multiple benefits as a representative because. 

  • You can develop and expand the business globally. 
  • Without owning a product you can do business,
  • Leveraging the fame can expand into some other business,

And much more. 

Requirement To Start The Business

As I said earlier you doesn’t want to own a property but you have to master the fame. Fame like never before, every person has to know that you are providing such kind of service and when they are in a need without a thought should look a way to contact you. 

So the two main requirement is

  • Technical support
  • Marketing Strategies

Technical Support

World has been relying on Internet these days, so to contact you the best option would be having a mobile or web app for your business. 

This is possible using a car rental script. Every host will submit the details and when the user request it gets booked in a fraction of second and the process is done. 

Yes like Airbnb, So if you have planned for the same business module, then can also look for the Airbnb clone for cars.

How Does Your App Works ?

You will be in need of three panels that is for the 

  • Host
  • User and the 
  • Admin

Or else you can have the same panel for the user and host to switch according to their use.  The host can list their product to increase their opportunity to get engaged. When the user needs they just sign in the account and according to the location they will surf the preferred one and book the space. 

After booking, both the host and the user can have communication and clarify their details within a tap. 

How Do Admin Get Earned

Here the earning module is based on the commission process both the host and the user will be paying the service fee for the admin. Because in case of any dispute the admin has to take care of the problem and provide solution. The admin dashboard with the help of car rental script has designed in the module. 

This fee collected for the services includes

  • The usage of software
  • Collection and transfer of fares
  • Credit card commission
  • Distribution of invoices to client

What Package Will Be Avail For The 

When you buy a Airbnb Clone for cars you will get an 

  • A Web App
  • An Android App
  • An iOS App

All set of three packs will be around 999 to 1500 $ according to the features and functionalities you choose. 

If you need any guidance or any technical business support feel free to contact us at [email protected] or tap on