e-commerce is an energetic segment in the retail industry. As the world is moving towards the connected community, purchasing goods and services in the network has been a current trend followed. Their worldwide sales in 2017 are 2.3 trillion US dollars and the estimated e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion Us dollars in 2021. Such drastically growing industry has enhanced their brand competitiveness and customer loyalty with machine learning.

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Machine Learning In eCommerce

Machine Learning systems are transcending at an unprecedented rate, Machine Learning is subset of Artificial Intelligence. It is emerging technology, where every company are started integrating it. Let us see applications of machine learning in e-Commerce one of the booming industry.

Intelligent Search:

e-Commerce is bustling retail industry, where it has lots of products to shop. Customers get tired to use impulse control search of products. Machine learning comforts customers from searching for a right product using augment text-based search with additional to natural voice search functionality. “EasyAsk” on of the e-Commerce company provides such features. Also for smart search use already searched data from API.

Image Recognizers:

Machine learning enables customers to find complementary products whether it is size, colour or fabric or even with the brand using the visual capabilities. Initially process is by uploading images, the software gets clues and successfully assist the customer in shopping for their desired product. For example, the customer may like their friend’s new dress, if there is any visual, then machine learning enables consumers to easily find their similar items through e-commerce store.

Smarted Messenger Bots:

Human needs are evolving to the point and retailers struggle to maintain. In such case, AI capability systems make retailers feel comfortable. The use of  AI through the application “chatbots” is one way to drive the where e-commerce can be done through conversation. Chatbots are a special computer program that is designed to stimulate conversation with human users over the internet. They are AI assistant respond to customer queries, voice commands for simple tasks and provide product recommendations through interaction using natural language. Smarted messenger bots act as an alternative to phone calls, messages and emails.

Retarget Of Potential Customers:

Of Course! machine learning systems are used to retarget the potential customers using facial recognition and capturing of customer dwell time. Facebook confirms that they monitor users mouse movements and collects data. Retailers use such data from machine learning to retain their customers. For example, if a customer spends more time on a product, then the information will be stored for their next visit. The machine learning software will anticipate special offers on customer’s monitor based on their in-store dwell-time.

More Efficient Sales

For a strong sales message and reaches the consumer at right time on the right platform. Machine learning is making changes in the way business deals with customers, gaining faster access to information and harnessing employees talent for better use. The process works based on the customer’s query and system list out the product based on real-time customer input and its own research.

Automation- Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse logistics process are fastened with a combination of automation and robotics. The system will help in improving speed and efficiency of product sorting and delivery options in the warehouse – where the goods are stored. It is possible to increase orders and product shipment speed so that there will be raise in revenue.

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