In the present era, Online classifieds entities are economically booming industries. To do business in this industry comparison plays a significant role. Because the comparison will give a better infusion to find which one is foremost best. For this purpose, we take two topmost classified companies such as “Letgo and OfferUp” for exploration to dispense a better suggestion to the entrepreneur who wants to pioneer their business in an online classified script. So utilize this analysis for your business kick – off may be in Letgo clone or OfferUp clone that is in your hand.

Letgo and OfferUp are the giant players in this industry. Both apps allow the user to sell & buy their things locally, easy to use and safer. Plus, they tend to have a less spam. These apps provide same service then what is the uniqueness between Letgo and OfferUp?

Let’s look at the difference in below paragraphs, 

What is Letgo?

Letgo is the  most familiar software with 30 million users. It allow the user to sell and buy the stuff locally, which means it doesn’t hassles of shipping like amazon, flip kart. User can sell any kind of product includes table, car, laptop, mobile, etc. The sellers listed stuff is displayed based on the Geo-location closest to the buyer. The application is integrated with instant chats. So the users can experience the service without any mediator. According to Letgo regulations transaction will not take place on online. 

How to use Letgo?

1. First you have to install the Letgo app on your smartphones. It is available for both Android & iOS applications.

2. Login Process is very easy in Letgo, you can sign up via Facebook or google account.

3. After signup process you can edit their profile by uploading photos, name 

4. Directed into the main page, you will see the listed stuff for sales. 

5. You may want to sell your stuff then what to do is upload the image of the stuff or use the app itself to take photo.

6. Then mention the specific price for the stuff or leave it as negotiable and also you can have an option to give it for free. 

7. Another ways to sell your stuff by Letgo reveal and video

  • Letgo reveal:-  It combines the real time image recognition and artificial intelligence instantly display an item with estimated value, and  other details. 
  • Letgo Video:-  Showing video rather than image displays the originality of the product. This feature has more craze among user

8. Once this all things are setup, users can sell and buy with ease.

What is OfferUp?

OfferUp is also a familiar software with 12 million users. Like Letgo it also allow users to sell and buy the listed stuff locally. If seller turn on Sell and Ship Nationwide. OfferUp charge shipping expenditure for the product. It charges as 9.9% service fee for your item, with a minimum charge of $1.99.  

User can allow to choose the option who pays for shipping ? seller or buyer. Pickup the option you prefer. By default, buyer pays for shipping. 

Special feature in Offerup is user can rate each other.  Positive reviews a person receives on OfferUp will display on their public profile. These positive notes can be given by someone rating that person with 4 or 5 stars.

Comparatively Letgo have more user than Offerup. However, it is still hit player in the online classified industry. In fact more number of consumer spending 25 minutes per – day on OfferUp.

How to use OfferUp ?

1. First you have to install the Letgo app on your smartphones. It is available for both Android & iOS applications.

2. If you have a Facebook account then signup process is very simple. 

3. If you want to sell your stuff upload the picture from gallery or take a pic of it. 

4. Now this is the time of indicate the title of the product or service, category selection,  product description, product condition (new, used,), product price.

5. To negotiate the bargain issues, make sure to select the  “price on firm” option. 

6. Once this all process are done, its ready to post. 

7. Interested buyers can contact the seller through messaging system.  

8. Further users can arrange for meeting as per their own wish.

Difference Between Letgo And OfferUp:-

1. As of July 2018 OfferUp has 42 million users. Letgo has nearly double amount of user than OfferUp 74 million. 

2. OfferUp offer the users to make payment within the app. Which allow the user to buy and ship the items to some areas. Letgo does not offer the ability to make payment within the app.

3. Letgo and OfferUp are providing a first class services. Both apps verify the user identities. But the verification process is differ from one another.       

  •    Letgo – verification is easy as providing email id, phone number, Bio data or linking Facebook account
  •    OfferUp – in verification process user has to provide their driving license or Government issued Ids.

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