The revolution of the transportation have been improved drastically day by day and we are in the situation right now that we people started preferring rental service compared to the own vehicle. This online car rental business is one of the booming business these days. So launching a business in this module is pretty safe and profitable one.

Module of the Car Rental Business :

An intermediate platform for the car owners and the users has to deployed using a website using car rental script or car booking script. Some of the prominent company that works in the module is Turo, Zipcar, Getaround etc. The car owners if they feel like earning money using the unused cars, then can rent the car for the service by signing up with the car rental service provider. Then the user who is in need of the service can acquire the service and then enjoy the ride.

This is the simple yet effective business module of the car rental business.

Mode of Earning Revenue :

Service Commission –  For availing the opportunity for the riders and  the car owners, the business owner can charge charge a percentage amount of commision for every booking.

Promotion Of Cars – When the car owners request to do more business and cease many opportunities, then can promote the particular car using the promotional ads on the website and can charge for the ads & promotional service.

Subscription Charge – A monthly subscription for the car owners can be employed and then can make a continuous income.

All these 3 can be incorporated in the business module to earn  high revenue

Features of the Rental Script

The website that designed for the business should have a user friendly interface. When the user visits the website he must get an idea about the service profoundly. So the appearance and the interface should be simple that satisfies the user requirement.  Your quality of service is also gauged according to the performance of the script.

So In the Website include some of the feature like

Easy sign up –  The car owners and the Riders have to enroll the service easily without any hassle.

Advanced Search – When the riders decided to use your service let users to surf the available car with filtering option.

Communication Interface – When the User request for a rental service, the response regarding the service should be prompt and within a particular interval of time.

Secure Payment Integration – The payment process for acquiring the service should be secure and uncomplicated

More importantly the website should support multiple languages and currency so that you can explore the business in the diverse area.

But instead of developing the website from the scratch and incorporating every essential feature and monitoring that consumes large amount of time and it’s pretty tough too. So can opt for the Airbnb for Cars Module. The Turo company have also developed in this concept and reached a success point in their life. Trioangle a web and mobile app development company provides the car rental script and provides instant solution for the business to commence.

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