Uber’s one of the rarely known product is UberBOAT, a service for tourists and residents alike among a few islands in Croatia, with particular focus on getting to and from the airport in Split. While Uber has launched pop-up boat promotions in Miami and Istanbul before, the Croatian option represents the first time boats will be available on the mobile app for an entire season.

UberBOAT is only available in Croatia. “Point to point” transportation can be ordered among four main locations: Split, the Split airport, Hvar, and Dubrovnik. Users can also opt to use the app to rent a boat for a half-day or full-day adventure, in which case there is more flexibility as to which islands you can hit.

Croatia is a great market for Uber to experiment because it’s comprised of over 1,200 tourism-loving islands—but it’s still not as crushingly popular as nearby locales like, say, Greece, where supply could outpace demand. If this summer goes well, it’s easy to imagine the company expanding into other areas around the Adriatic and Mediterranean.

Uber Boats users can use their mobile app to drop a pin and find a boat nearby. As experienced with Uber Pool, the company’s algorithm will send them to the nearest convenient location to meet their boat captain.

Fare Estimation

Fare estimation for renting the boat for a half-day or full-day trek, prices are based on mileage and time spent as like other Uber fares and the approximate cost of full day ride would be $1100. Pay for a boat in a country with a different language and currency means less chance of being ripped off. It all happens within the app.

To create an app like Uber for your local boat renting business, just try our Uber clone script to build a business like Uber.