ECommerce is exponentially growing business in the retail industry. The world moving towards the connective community, purchasing goods in the network has been a current trend followed. Online shopping is one the comfortable activity done in networks, without stepping out. Shopping through responsive sites and the mobile app gives the same look and feel as real shopping experience gives. Let us discuss the importance of mobile app and responsive websites.

Importance Of Native and Hybrid App in eCommerce Business

The native app or mobile app is the interactive smart application developed for specific mobile OS, that gives better shopping experience. For example, Fancy, Amazon, Flipkart etc. The hybrid app is responsive websites that get adjusted to monitor you view. Try fancy clone for more experience

Customer Experience:

In shopping people select a single perfect fit from numerous choices, such look and feel are given by both the apps. The mobile apps for eCommerce stores lots of quality pictures regarding the products and details of customers. In that case, mobile app gives efficient working and continuous traverse along products. The search for products is instant and easy. The working is simpler and clear with categorized products. As both the apps provide the virtual view of products, you can select the reliable product with details description and with convenient payment options. Responsive websites give the same experience as the native app gives, apart from this, it fits the monitor of gadget we hold.

Technology Adapting:

As e-Commerce is developing enormously, many apps are adapting to current and future technology like voice recognizers, virtual imaging etc. These technology updates will work better on both apps and provide real experiences.

Memory Size:

  • Native apps with inbuilt APIs will occupy some space more than hybrid apps in the phone memory. Nowadays many apps released the lite version of an original app, that consumes lesser data.
  • The responsive mobile through the browser, online shopping sites are opened a new page that loads faster even in low data. In responsive websites, the calendar and other APIs are connected as plugins.

Consumer Engagement:

  • The native apps in eCommerce business retain the consumer with its security services and attractive images. If you like to buy a branded watch online, firstly signup with your primary details secondly searches for your branded watch using specific filters. Thirdly add them to the cart, finally, check out the watch and purchase it. The native apps are collecting all information with your permission and use it for other services purposes like offers, advertise recent searched products etc. So it saves users from external advertisements and engages them with their services.
  • In hybrid app the process of purchasing is same, but the login details, likes and dislikes of a product and search results, products you viewed are taken by the browser. Such pieces of information are sold to other sites. Ad regarding their products will interfere and disturbs you from comfortable online shopping.

Reduce Paid Services:

  • Regarding shopping, many pieces of information are said directly or indirectly, Nowadays using AI app tracks data with your movement. Such data are used for other services and app development purposes. Also can provide offers or ad of liked products to customers, without paying to external agencies.
  • The hybrid app stores information through cookies and sell such raw data to other agencies for advertising purposes.For example. If we search for ”baby rompers” on Amazon using hybrid apps. Next moment you can view your recent searches in social media like “Facebook”.

These are the importance of mobile app and responsive websites in eCommerce Business. If you wish to commence a business on e-commerce try best ecommerce clone script built using latest technologies.