To the business entrepreneurs who start businesses like Airbnb, in this technology-rich world there are higher possibilities to start a business like them. A technical solution can afford, a virtual availability and response so that entrepreneurs can connect with people when they hold it. Online vendors offer the best Airbnb clone, rental scripts as a solution. 

Makent is one such Airbnb clone script that comes with a while-labeling to start business instantly. It is a business and the market fit product, developed by analyzing customer’s pain points.

Here are unique features drafted from analyzing customer’s shoes. Such an Airbnb clone script enlarges your business path and stands ahead from competing for the market.

Outstanding Features In Makent:

iCalendar Syncs :  

Makent uses iCalendar to block/book, set availability of dates. If the host lists the same property on other platforms. They can sync the normal calendar with it if not can remove the sync, import, and export calendar. 


Offers and discounts attract users. To grab the guest to their listing, Makent offers,

  • Early bird discounts – Host can set discount amount for prior booking
  • Length of stay discounts – Host can set a discount price for the number of nights stayed in a room
  • Last Minute dIscounts – Last min discount will apply to the booking made in the nearby date.

List Space : 

A crystal clear listing done by the host will welcome more guests to view, book and stay. An efficient rental platform that provides such an opportunity for clear listing. Makent falls into such a list with details like the number of beds in the property also the type of it. The host feels comfortable listing their space in own language in detail.

Host Dashboard:

The host can see their business improvements on their dashboard. Makent lists out complete transaction details like expected to earn and paid-outs month wise. 

Get Directions On Trips :

Full details about the booking are shot out as itinerary. In the Itinerary users can get the directions of the property so that the user can easily reach the property location. 

Reservation :

Complete reservation details can be printed. Also, the users can procure details on the booking. 

Detailed Reviews:

In this virtual world, reviews and ratings construct trust. Such trump cards are important in booking, listing and for the business. Understanding it, Makent affords a clear and fully detailed rating and review system for the host and the guest.

Host Penalty:

The situation like canceling the reservation might happen which violates the business policy. So to curtail this, Makent has included these penalty options to charge the host and conserve the service as a reputable one among guests.

Exclusive Unique Features In Makent’s Admin Panel:

Detailed Reviews:

Reviews and ratings improve trust in the system to the users connected. In case of booking, rating & reviews play a major role. Such high-valued, detailed reviews are maintained in a robust back-end. Here admin can view, check the review and has the authority to add a new review to the reservation. The cumulative start rating of the host is shown on the listing to be viewed.

Manage Dispute:

In any unpleasant situation, both hosts and guests can raise a dispute. Admin can monitor the dispute, also they can view the conversation between the host and guest. So that, admin discuss and clears the dispute.

Host Penalty:

The cancellation of the accepted reservation by the Host will be penalized. Those host penalties, are viewed and managed by the admin. Also, admin can have a track on the host and reservation details.

Manage Referral:

Red carpet to your new users & credit points for the existing users who have invited them. This advantageous promotional activity can be viewed and managed by Makent’s Admin. Additionally, admin can set the user credit limit, new user travel credit, and guest’s credit points.

Site Setting:

In site settings, Admin earns complete liberty to manage the rental site. Makent offers,

  • In the case of server maintenance/site update, admin can “On” the maintenance mode.
  • The admin can set the admin prefix as per their taste.
  • In a local or the cloud-integrated, the admin can upload files required to the system.
  • In the admin panel, admin can change the Date format throughout the system.
  • Admin can set Paypal & default currency in the admin panel.

Final Words:

Above described are the unique features in Trioangle’s Airbnb Clone. If you wanna stand out among rental community approach us at [email protected]