Years may roll on, but the craze to the vacation rental industry or property rental industry never gets fade. As per prediction and demand on the market, the lifespan gets increased more and more. Rental property management software have evolved to be a major game-changer. The concept of shared economy is that much flexible and beneficial for both host and guest. As even an unused small space can be rented like swimming pools also can share the living room. It is the best revenue model for the host. Hunting for rental space, it is simple with numerous listing.

Essential Features Of Property Rental Software :

  • The property management software connects the host and guest easily. In a single account, the user can act as a guest and host seamlessly.
  • Make people feel reliable and engaged with 2-step authentication factor and engage quickly with instant notification. Integration of third-party application helps in the quick process. As we have done with “Nexmo”.
  • For the guest, seamless navigation through listings, accurate mapping, geo-fencing of rentals, advanced search filters are primary features to find desired property rental.
  • The system should be strong enough to hold all data regarding the listing, guest profile details, rental details etc. A minimum number of 6000 messages were received per month on these accounts from customers. These messages could be related to booking confirmation or other relevant concerns. As per the technology advancement, cloud storage supports the storage to enhance performance. Our cloud-based property rental app assists in your betterment of the business.
  • Realizing the gravity of the situation, the client had already built an integrated desktop-mobile account management system. And employing a customer support team to manage the bookings.
  • Secured, multiple ways, easy payment options that make transactions convenient and safe.
  • A virtual view on rentals to the guest is through text. I mean that rating and reviews given by already visited guest will help in booking and promoting of those listings.
  • Changes in the different integrated calendar can be maintained easily. Automatically sync the availability and unavailability of properties for effective property bookings done through iCalendar.
  • The host can use various pricing rules for their property like early bird, minimum and maximum stay, length of stay discount options. These features will help the host to attract guest with offers.
  • No need to wait for reservation of property rentals, book it through instant booking option. Yes, the system should provide varied booking options for easiness.
  • In any inevitable situations between host and guest, admin only can manage both as per the policies in a smooth way.

Craft A Property Rental Software With High-End Technologies:

A best working, reliable property rental website or portal is required to interconnect owners and tenants. A strong backend service can store and hold all data entered, for that you can choose,

  • PHP, the world’s most popular server-side scripting language.
  • Ruby on Rails is the popular open source web application framework, which is used in established firms like Airbnb
  • Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for developing a diverse variety of server tools and applications.
  • Laravel – Best known PHP frameworks on the market right now. Laravel meets a diverse range of programming needs and projects, from beginner to advanced, and is well suited for projects of all types and sizes popular for its elegance and simplicity.

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