In this digital world, the growth of e-commerce has been increased gigantically in the retail industry. Fancy is one of the websites and its stands unique in the way of people sharing picture feeds and sharing in other social media. Fancy US-based online shopping platform makes their customer engaged and retained. Fancy is available both in app and web. To know more about Fancy try Free Fancy clone .

Fancy Friends:

E-commerce is most loved business in the retail industry that moves ahead with incorporating more technologies. In that Fancy is one of the socio-shopping platform. They comfort customers and focuses on the factors, that makes them not bored like the store owners can upload a video of their product, to the working of it, instead of a number of pictures and a lengthy description.

How To Find Friends In Fancy?

As I have discussed above, Fancy focuses on customer’s interest, they connect customers with their friends and engage them. Let us discuss the steps.

  • Click “Join Fancy”, you create a profile with Gmail, Twitter or Facebook account, additionally first name and password with more than 6 characters and a symbol must be given. The account is created successfully!
  • After you enter into your personal account in Fancy, it displays some stores and people to follow. Initially fancy allows following 35 people and stores.
  • Next, you can invite friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Gmail.
  • You can find new friends by selecting any social media, one your existing account in that media and connect. For example, if you select “Find Facebook friends”, it redirects to the Facebook page and then continues.
  • As per your wish, you can combine both fancy and social media account, with your permission. By this, you get connected with Fancy updates.

How To Invite Friend In Fancy?

Same as  Find Friend, you can invite through social media. In Fancy, there are two methods of inviting friends. One is by sharing the referral link and other is to adding people in contact and send them a message.

  • In the same fancy account, select “invite friends” in the drop-down menu at the right top corner.
  • You can invite friends through Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Gmail and email. Here the invitation will be a message, by adding the people to it. For example. If you like to invite people through Facebook, then enter their ID and ping them. In Gmail, it’ll be a mail.
  • You can also invite friends using referral link generated automatically
  • That referral link can be shared through Facebook, Twitter and G+, by tapping respective buttons.

Information regarding a number of people joined through the link are displayed and also you can view referral status.


You have invited your friends successfully, such invitation accepted friends, if they purchase $50 or more, you will get $20 as credits after accomplished purchase.

Referral Status:

Here you can view the status of number of friends invited, details of gift cards and credits you got.

This is how Fancy engages people and retain them. If you are interested to start a ecommerce business, try best e-commerce clone script.