It is an online world. Here people can get and post products & services instantly. People around prefer to buy rental products or second hand products rather than new products. As they are cost-effective, affordable to buy and use. 

Let’s consider classified business, here second-hand products or stagnant products that are wished to be sold are posted. People who wish to get products at an affordable rate in a good condition and prefer second-hand products can approach sites online and  purchase the products. In classified sites both products & services are sold.

It is a top-geared business sector where every one wishes to plunge on. If you are the one who wishes to start a business on it, get a classified script for betterment of the business.

The classified script includes players like,

  • Seller:

Sellers are the one who lists and sells the stagnant products.

  • Buyer:

Buyers are the users, who search and get products based on their requirements.

  • Admin: 

Admin is the one who monitors & manages the system seamlessly.

How Does Online Classified Software Works?

User SignUp:

Users can get connected with the app using Facebook, Gmail or email. Here users are the both sellers & buyers who manage their profile in a single dashboard.

As Seller:

Sellers can list their product elaborately with categories selected, attractive images, pinning of accurate, location, other details of products, clear title & description of product, toggling price bar. Through Featured Ad,  Seller can upgrade their product by purchasing top featured tags.

As Buyer:

Search For Products : Buyers can seek for needed products through direct search or with the categories listed.

Advanced Search Filters : Among the mass of products, the buyers can easily filters required one with advanced filter options. Like, category, pinned address, with distance range coverage , price range, and other sorting options.

View Product : Buyer can view product name, picture listed and other details of the product including price.  Buyer can save and share their most wished product. Tap on “More Info” to get further aspects of the product. 

Room To Chat : Here buyers and sellers can have separate spaces to chat. Chats of blocked users can also be viewed.


Seller :  Reward the buyer with star rating and review.

Buyer : Also buyer has a choice of rating and review about seller.

If you are interested or got inspired by the Letgo script then you can easily influence the Letgo Clone script or the online classified script to kick start your entrepreneurship. 

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