Wherever you go, whichever person you meet, in the  current situations each of them utters at least once about “CoronaVirus”. The pandemic has not only spread the disease but also its popularity and rewinds us about personal hygiene. Due to the spread of the microbes, people’s lives are in threat and also resulting in stock oscillations overall by which the economy frightens even more.

Yes, here we are going to see about how popular the ride-hailing apps are tackling the universal disease. Also how do they earn in this tech-driven society.

Presently, major cities are under lockdowns and people are isolated in their homes. The streets of such a city are empty and sparsely on-demand delivery drivers pass by the most.

Yes, In such tough situations business through on-demand runs successfully by serving common people and service providers. 

But what about ride-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft, Careem, grab and so and so???

CEO Of Uber Dara Khosrowshahi says that  “Certainly our rides business to the extent that people stop leaving their house will take a hit, while our business Eats will probably actually benefit,”. As per his words and also reports on traffic on the on-demand business industry, it shows their significant need in the current situation.

Peer to peer ride sharing/ride-hailing has been decreased whereas online food delivery, online grocery delivery and much more reach the heights in the market. 

Uber-like firms stocks fall with their major service but simply compensate with their subsidiary services like food delivery

Actions Taken By Ride-Hailing Firms On COVID-19

  • Uber announced they will provide 14 days of sick pay for drivers or delivery workers 
  • Uber has imposed some concession on Airport Rides
  • Uber And Lyft Have Suspended Uber Pool And Shared Rides Due To The Coronavirus
  • Uber advises about the impact of coronavirus and measures to handle it.
  • UberEats and DoorDash have waived commission fees for independent restaurant partners
  • Postmates has launched a pilot program for small businesses that temporarily waives commission fees for businesses in the SF Bay Area. 

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