Many are wondering how a airbnb clone can be used in fitness business! We make it happen through our easy customization option. Makent can be used in all type of service providing business includes car, ship, house, etc.., While searching for the fitness classes, the main factors to be consider is infrastructure, instruments, best trainers, cost effective and above all we need to spend little more time to compare and choose one if we do it manually. Now we are going to explain how it can be used in fitness business.


airbnb clone

For Users:

User can find their nearest fitness center and personal trainers by the following three steps


  • Searches can be done accurately by the location, date, start and end time of classes, type of activity, skill level and price range.
  • More search options available like equipments, amenities, space type, etc,..

2.Contact Coach

  • Contact Coach option is the best and direct way to contact the concerned service provider and clarify the doubts with a messaging option. This gives us a chance to know more about the services.

3.Book Session

  • Once you are satisfied with the features of the selected service provider, we can move to the online payment option. This is the last stage of booking process and followed by this the your most awaited fitness activity will be started with your coach!

For Host:

1.Easy to Contact Users

  • Coaches can interact directly with the users about the available timing, fees, available instruments and can clarify the doubts of the users.

2.Secure Payment

  • Once the user is satisfied with the fees, infrastructure of their interested fitness centre then the secure online payment is done.

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