One of the pleasurable things to today’s world is buying new groceries, mainly our favorite products like dresses and utensils. In this digitalized world shopping has been easy with online apps, as the people no need to step out to get their favorite things also these apps show streamlined flow of groceries. People get fond of online shopping as it comforts users to a greater extend. e-Commerce is considered as energetic element in retail industry.

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Google Express:

Google Express, formerly Google Shopping Express, a shopping service available in Google in some parts of United States. Google has launched its free trial basis in across san Francisco. Actually it provides delivering groceries in same day and later expand to same day, overnight delivery. Google Express shows the price, what is actually displayed in a shopping. Try Fancy Clone script.

Google Express was publically launched in September 25, 2013 in San Francisco. It is available in both Android (Play store) and Apple (App Store). Google Express is described as advent of modern grocery delivery services. It comforts users with simple taps on the app and you can order groceries from various stores. It is available in all US States and also unincorporated territories Puerto Rico. You can make your shopping experience more fast with Google Express where it provide users with seamless app and its services. Some of the effective points are,

  • Fast Shopping:

You can do your shopping anytime on the app, website, or by voice, with the help of Google Assistant.

  • Fast And Free Delivery:

No memberships.

Order above the store minimum for free delivery – $25 to $35 in most cases.

Most orders arrive within 1-3 days, depending on where you live.

  • Return free and easy:

Free returns within 30 days for almost all stores.

Email, call, and live chat with Customer Support.

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How It Works:

The Google’s shopping platform works as every e-commerce platform,

  • Initially user should create an account or sign in with their google id.
  • Search for the products, what the user needs. The Google store has the products of Target, Walgreens, American Eagle, Blue Bottle Coffee, Lucky, Palo Alto etc.
  • Choose the prefered products.
  • Select delivery instructions in delivery window.
  • Finally be ready to get your delivery.

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