Freshmenu is one of food delivery startups in the industry. They are fighting for their share in the market since 2014. They are still competing with top players like Swiggy, Zomato and Foodpanda in the food delivery industry.

Freshmenu shows different approach in the market and currently delivering in top cities like Bangalore, South Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai. They are holding an average of 14000 orders per day. Freshmenu assures its user with fresh ingredients. They provide importance to health as well as taste buds. They work with the motto that “fresh ingredients will deliver fresh meals.” Here are some of the key features of Freshmenu.


What is Freshmenu?


Freshmenu is a franchise that prepares and delivers food to its user. They own 100’s kitchen around the city which delivers to the nearby users. A perfect example of Freshmenu is “Dominos”.

How Freshmenu Works?


The user has to signup and login to the app to order food. The user has to choose from a wide variety of dishes and place their order. Freshmenu prepares the food from the closest kitchen to deliver it to the user. The driver picks up the food and delivers it to the user.


Some Exciting Features Of Freshmenu:

Really Freshmenu:


Freshmenu craft their menu with a wide variety of dishes and multiple cuisines. They continuously change their dishes so that you can try new dishes and cuisines. You can segment the menu based on popular, dietary and prize.

Live Tracking:


You are provided with option to track the live location of the driver. The users are also given the contact details of the driver to direct them if needed.

Timely Notification:


The users are asked for the desired notification platform that they are wanted to be notified. They are notified with every update in the order like order confirmation, order dispatch and delivery.

Add To Favorites:


Freshmenu keeps on changing its menu and to save your favorite, they provided an option to heart your favorite dishes. It will also help you to order your favorite food with ease.

Mode Of Payment:


You can order your food with both online payments like net banking, credit or debit card and offline payment like COD.



You can also pay for your orders using Freshmenu wallet. With the Freshmenu wallet, you can enjoy lots of coupons, offers and cashback that are available only for the wallet.



The referrals programs are the one which increases the engagement and brings new visitors to the platform. Freshmenu offers Rs 100  offer to referrer and 20% offer to the new user.

What You Can Learn From Freshmenu?


The Freshmenu working with a business idea that it can deliver healthy food from its kitchen to its user. They are working with a strategy to attract health-conscious users. If you are an entrepreneur, you can lot from Freshmenu to build your own business.

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