Airbnb functions as online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging. It is an American based company, works for the welfare of people, helps them financially by hosting their experience and renting their property. Recently Airbnb and their host help refugees who suffer from better shelter protection. Now Airbnb online rental services help aged people by renting their property and provide them with financial support. Try best airbnb clone for more experience

Airbnb Rentals A Financial Boon For Senior Citizen

Airbnb online property rental service provider says that senior citizens are fastest growing, highly rated host by their statistics. With over 200,000 seniors actively welcomes guest, taking advantage of silver economy.

Elders Hosting To Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the best online property rental service provider. A typical fashion industry retired entrepreneur says that “Things were not working enough financially and that was a matter of two things whether I want to stay in my home, leave”

Welcoming Guest

Both guest and host should feel safe and protected. To make the guest feel protected it is all in the hands of host and accepting nature. A fashion industry entrepreneur has initially rented her two spare bedrooms, has invited 300 guests in 2 years bring $28,000. She says that “the guests have increased, have people from every nationality, every race, every continent” also adds that “I  treat the guest, how I want to be treated”. The host is proud of the 5-star rating, and extra income helped open more properties to host. She also feels happy with meeting more new interesting people with hosting the property.

Experts say “broader trend is also linked with seniors desire to stay active in retirement,” Michael Hodin- global coalition on ageing CEO says “The main drive we find are, behavioural changes that relate to, the desire for independence, the desire to act”

For Security

Online rental property may help senior citizens financially, the more important thing is that security. Airbnb’s global coalition on ageing CEO suggest some tips for elderly people to protecting them from online home sharing. Airbnb takes safety measures to safeguard senior citizens host by, adding cameras in the entrance and other common places in a host home. add security systems and alarm settings to avoid unwanted guest and to make feel host secured and safe.

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