The average human spends at least an hour on their mobile phones and it is the most powerful equipment that was invented in recent times. People do search for a taxi, food, rooms, and others in their mobile devices.

A user can easily order food of their choice in minutes and the food is delivered to his doorstep. The food delivery is all about connecting restaurants with their customer which is done by the driver and managed by the admin.

Many entrepreneurs and startups are running behind food delivery service are for its demand and potential market. The food delivery apps not only help you earn a handful of money but helps restaurants to increase their online and offline sales. In this blog, we are going to discuss what is the option you are left with to build successful food delivery apps and websites.

How Can You Own A Food Delivery App?

Customized Food Delivery Script:

The customized food delivery app is one which is completely building app and website from the scratch. There are many advantages and disadvantages are there in developing fully customized food ordering script. But developing a brand new customized food delivery scripts requires lots of time and money. Here are some key factors on customized Food delivery software.

  • You can develop software based on your own ideas and demands.
  • A deep understanding of the business flow of the products and can make changes if needed.
  • You can take total control over your apps and websites and make changes whenever you want.

Buying A Clone Script:


It is one of the easy and commercial options that is left with you. You can easily purchase a clone script which can help you with your business. Some important notes on buying an On-demand Food Ordering script.

  • There is an option to start your business with quick succession as the clone script already build and available for you.
  • You are provided with technical support and helps you with your needs.
  • Can do some customization but you cannot completely customize your app and website.
  • You have a lot of time and money as a clone script is much cheaper than building a brand new app.

SAAS Based Model:


SAAS stands for software as a service in which you can offer software permanently or for monthly subscription. Many companies may offer you a SAAS model through which you can use a restaurant ordering system owned by a different company and pay a monthly subscription for using it. The subscription plan may be based on a number of orders or maybe monthly usage.

  • As you have to pay monthly, there is no upfront payment and it is not good for the long run.
  • You can find basic features but there will be no extra features.
  • There is a limitation in customization and not good to build your own brand.
  • You can find only popular use cases in this method.



Whether you buy a food delivery app or build your own, Food delivery scripts work as an integral part of a food delivery service. Many restaurants are purely based on online orders to survive and succeed. If you are looking for food delivery app like Swiggy Clone, Zomato Clone app then, it is important to buy it from top companies like Trioangle Technologies.

I hope that I have motivated you to build your own food delivery software.

Thank you for your time.