Airbnb is the foremost business model based on replicating the idea of Airbnb and implementing it for car rental. A Car Rental is a lucrative business model. Probably this type of business is going well in many countries. If you wish to do the same type of business in your area. Get a Car Rental Script from experts. 


Before buying a product check the features checklist, we are glad to provide our script features for your vision.


Eminent Features Of Car Rental Script: 


  • Multiple Signup/Login: User can  Sign up/ Login with facebook & gmail so that user can easily create an account. 


  • Advance Search & Filter: User can search the desire car from listing for that filters are used to display the user appropriate search.


  • Secure Payment: While starting an online business, there must be secured transactions. In this aspect, our script is made with enhanced security features to handle the secure payment. 


  • Verified Users: Only verified users are allowed to login via social media such as Facebook, Gmail. 


  • Social Media Integration: Admin can easily integrate the social media with business in admin panel.


  • Instant Booking: User can instantly book the car for rent without waiting for any approval from the car owner.


  • Car Location Delivery Module: Both car renter and car owner get benefit through this feature.
    • For car owner this an ultimate feature to earn money by delivering and pickup the car to renter’s location
    • For car renter they can get the car for deliver and pickup as from their location


  • Easy Car Listing: Car owners can easily list their car details with image, video, amenities that are very useful for the renter to know about the car. 


  • Rating & Reviews: Like car location delivery modules, this feature also gives benefits to both car owner and renter
    • Car renter can rate and review the rental car that is useful for another user 
    • Car owner gets good rating and review that will helpful to increase the booking


  • iCalendar: iCalendar is for seamless booking and its included in the script


  • Dispute Management: Suppose if any unpleasant thing happens between Car owner and renter they can contact admin and proceed their point of view about the dispute.  Admin investigate each one and give a solution to the problem. 


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