An innovation is born from a problem, that’s how Airbnb has taken their birth on the rental platform. They have earned a lot , just by sharing the rooms and connecting people. This inspiring business concept kindles minds of business people.

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Earn Up to $200 On Rental Market With Airbnb Clone

Processing fee : Airbnb clone is an app like app which connects both host and guest. Host is the one who shares their property for rent. The guest is the traveller, who rents the particular property. Airbnb like online rental solutions bridge them in an internet community for a processing fee.

If you wish to start a business like Airbnb, get an Airbnb clone and quickly start your business in the rental sector. Here as an administrator, you can set a fee from the host for listing and guest for booking on a percentage basis. For each booking, you will earn more than $100. 

The best Airbnb clone comes into the market with core features of Airbnb, along with shared room feature and with white labelling to aid you in launching your business 

Experience : Airbnb’s innovative service is the experience. One can share skills or interesting talents to the guest on the online platform. Similar to booking a room, booking of experience will help you in connecting people and earning much more.

Trioangle’s Airbnb clone is the online software with “Experience” as add-ons. Pick it up and start your innovative venture.

Online Experience : Due to the Pandemic situation, Airbnb has used virtual medium more effectively with online experience and earned through it. Similarly, with purely customisable Airbnb clone script, this effect can be feasible in the current situation.

Ads : Airbnb or Airbnb clone includes a number of listings of properties. They are fetched from the database as per the advanced search filters. Here as an innovative learning solution, you can place sponsored or featured listings to grab more views.

Community : The concept of rental is a bit older one. But Airbnb has given a refreshing essence with its online solution. As per their motto “Belong Anywhere”, They made travellers feel localised. They have built a space for forming a community and posting articles, so that travellers can be more aware of the booking location.

In a creative move, you can monetise the article community page by including adsense.

For other solutions you can earn upto $100, get a right Airbnb clone script to establish your business, make sure it is easily accessible & customisable.

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