Being a part of the lodging industry or hotel booking industry is feasible in today’s technology-rich world. A well-drafted business model & well-constructed hotel booking software can drive your business in the long run. 

The most popular business model for hotel booking business will be the agency type one. is a popular example of work on this model. They earn through booking commissions, some with advertisements. They have generated $92.7 billion in gross travel bookings.

Got inspired! Wishing to start a business like them? This blog is for you, 

A hotel agency business model is playing around hoteliers(guest) and service providers(host). By connecting them, listing and booking rooms and earning through it as the commission is the process. To that, the best hotel booking software stays, as a connective and earning medium 

For that the business owners should have the following Panels & functionalities:

  • User Panel to discover, view and book multiple rooms, also listing it. 
  • Administration panel for hotel owners, so that hoteliers could post pictures and descriptions of their hotels.

It is also possible to combine these inventory sources in a way that best serves your business. 

Now let’s see, revenue-generating factors and business development factors in hotel booking software.

Revenue Generating Factor In Hotel Booking Software:

Service fee:

As described earlier, the software built on the hotel agency business model works on the commission model. The hotel booking software connects the host and guest seamlessly. To that service, they get service fees.

Host fee:

In a hotel booking software, the host is the one who rents their hotel rooms or space. To rent such space they earn money. 

Admin is the one who affords digital space to list their space and expose it to guests. To that, they charge some percentage of the hosting fee.

Coupon Code:

Coupon code, we are used to it, right. It pushes the user to cart page to check out page. It insists the user buys products or services. In our online hotel booking system, we have a coupon code, this pushes users for more booking. Thus, admin can earn more and elevate their business.


The report regarding your business gives you tons and tons of ideas to extemporize your business much preferably. For facile experience, we have developed the admin panel with the category and time filter options for your comfort of usage. 

Refer A Friend:

Again for promotional activities and to earn a valuable customer, we have comprised “Refer a friend option” through email or Facebook in the script. This also creates an opportunity for the riders to earn money. 

Hotel Business Development Factors:

Dashboard :

Users can view their transaction details, expected earnings and paid out details clearly through a single dashboard. Through which the Host can get to know more details about the transaction. Thus encourages users to earn more and helps in business development.

Various Discounts:

Certainly, discounts are the welcoming key to the users connected. Grasp it, Makent Hotels has added attractive discount actions to grab user’s attention. While listing hosts can add discounts like early-bird discount, Length of stay, Last-minute Discount, etc.

Cloud Platform:

All around, the term “Cloud” is buzzed in this technology-rich world. Yes, software integrated with the cloud platform is advantageous to the business. As they are economic, storage, data replicable, cost-saving, etc. Therefore they support business development.

Instant Notification:

Similar to cloudinary, Nexmo is a third-party app for instant notification. Makent Hotels, makes a point to be more secure and reliable. To show it, developers have included Nexmo and helps in business upliftment.

Email Marketing:

Promotions, offers, events are tittles of business development. Make those tittles to be known to your customers using mail. Makent Hotels comes into the market with Mailgun and emboldens email marketing.

Expand Your Business:

Globalize your business!

How it is possible?

To spread your purpose, first communicate with them, to that multiple languages are inbuilt so that you can easily switch over to another language while establishing a hotel booking business.

And business is of buying and selling products, in the hotel booking business you are going to get services through the hotel booking script. To make transactions feasible and globalize the business, Makent Hotels comes with multiple currencies and languages.

Multiple Payment Options:

Comforting the existing users is the prior duty of the business owners. Makent hotels are one such ease payment process with multiple options. Similarly, they make booking easy with multiple booking options.

Using these business visionaries can improve their hotel booking business and earn more with with hotel booking script . To know more tap on [email protected]