The explosion of the digital market is rapidly enhancing the online classified business. The Classified software is the most common platform for all business to easily list out their product & service. Most of the online classified software provides their core service for payment also the free products listing feature is embedded in it. 

Doing business in the online classified script is one of the best opportunities to earn money because it offers multiple ways of generating revenue to earn. 

Let’s choose which type of earning is suitable for your business from the following:-

An Online classified website owner reaps to gain by placing one or more or all these options into their website / mobile software classifieds to generate revenues. 

Premium Ads:-  

Business people who want to distinguish their ads from others. For that, they are using the premium ads option for their products or services to promote it, so they have to pay a certain amount to the respective classified websites. This type of advertising creates a center of attraction for the business. The ads will be displayed at the top of the listing. 

Sponsored Listing:-  

This is one of the unique and best ways to earn points in classified businesses. Sponsor listing which helps the classified business to improve their visibility because of the ads display frequently in front of users eyeball. An increase in visibility, resulting in high clicks for the user.  

Specific Days Ads:- 

Business folks can prefer to display their ads on specific days. This type of placing broaden the visibility on those days & stand out in the competition.

Paid Banner Ads:-

The classified website allows business people to pay extra for displaying their product or service as an attractive banner. The banner ad can take the visitors from the host website to the advertiser website. So the traffic of the user website gets triple vice-versa their benefits also get triple.

Pay per view:- 

This option allows users to follow the result-oriented approach. By choosing this option for advertisement the advertiser will only pay for the view get on their Ad. 

Pay per Lead:- 

In pay per lead, the advertisers pay only for the lead generate in their destination site.  

Premium Membership:-

A premium member receives special benefits and additional recognition. 

To influence the above-mentioned features, the user used to pay for the admin or the owner of the site and this is how the owner of the web apps generates revenue in the online classified business.

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